Random: This Wasp Run In Animal Crossing Will Make You So Nervous – Nintendo Life

Longest run from wasps season 2 from AnimalCrossing

Imagine the scene: Blathers is simply hanging out at the Museum, thinking about just how much he loves bones, and all of a sudden he hears an extreme buzzing, growing ever louder. Blathers doesnt like bugs at the best of times, so he hopes its simply his imagination, or maybe some defective circuitry. Seconds later on, the villager – both boon of his life and bane of his presence – crashes through the panting, sweating and door, followed soon by a bunch of upset wasps that bounce harmlessly off the unnoticeable door at the Museums entryway.
The bad, much-put-upon owl would probably be cacking himself to witness this thirty-second wasp escape, which feels more like a ten-minute video when you understand the horror of approaching wasps. Take that, wasps!

Its not like wasps are even that bad – all they carry out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is bruise up your face a little, and trigger all the villagers to fret about your health. If you truly care about appearances, theyll cost you a couple of hundred bells, too, in the form of medicine. In some way, Nintendo has handled to make one of the most stressful, heart-pounding villains of 2020.
Stand aside, Sephiroth: its wasps were actually afraid of.

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