Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 review: Chic alternative to the Mi Band

AMOLED screen, a seemingly nonstop battery life, and a feeling as though it is hardly there when you sleep – did Samsung mistakenly send me the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 as a review system? at very first glance, Samsung appears to have taken goal at Xiaomis extremely popular fitness tracker with the Galaxy Fit 2.

Lowest price: Samsung Galaxy Fit 2.

Best price.


✓ Reliable autostart function for workouts.

✕ Unable to record path.

✕ No GPS.


✕ No magnetic charging clip.

✓ Impressive battery life of approximately 3 weeks.

✓ Fantastic os.

✕ Rather loose clasp on the wristband.

✓ Lightweight and discreet.

Who should buy the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2?

The longer you utilize it, the more you forget that you require to charge the Fit 2. The personnel keyword here being “forgotten”: Thanks to its light-weight nature of just 21 grams and slim type factor, this physical fitness tracker actually disappears on your wrist. At its thickest point, the important things measures around an inch wide, and on my brute, blatantly manly and impossibly huge wrists, the immovable part of the tracker fits perfectly with its rather short length of a simple 6 inches.

The Galaxy Wear app will be utilized to handle the functions and settings of the physical fitness tracker. The smartphone as a push-button control has a surprising total up to say on what can be done on the Galaxy Fit 2, even enabling you to set alarms, which are then visible as a vibration alarm on your wrist. The “Find my Band” function, which vibrates the Galaxy Fit 2, is likewise another practical feature, and Galaxy Wear directs you to the Samsung Health app for everything else.
This is where it gets down to the nitty-gritty, enabling you to track your running paths, set step objectives and record your nutrition consumption. Dont get me incorrect, these are all useful apps in their own. It would be more convenient for the user to discover whatever in one app and complimentary up some of the mobile phones memory.
While Ive mainly discussed minor drawbacks so far, the absence of GPS could effectively be a factor versus utilizing the Galaxy Fit 2. Thats because an integrated GPS receiver is missing, and you cant use your smartphone to take a look at your running range afterwards in the app either.

Worrying its battery life which Samsung specified on its homepage as 21 days, it in fact lived up to its credibility in real-life. Throughout the entire month that I wore the fitness tracker around my wrist, I had to charge it precisely when. At the end of this evaluation, the remaining battery level still stood at 53 percent and at times I even thought that the tracker was drawing its energy from kinetic motion or my body heat.

The charging clip is held in place by two little plastic pins. Not the most hassle-free solution but a workable one/ © NextPit.

With the Galaxy Fit 2, Samsung has set their sights on precisely what physical fitness trackers were when expected to be: Inexpensive wearable devices that are hardly obvious while recording ones essential stats. While numerous producers seemed to have actually lost this focus in the competition for introducing ever brand-new features, costs have actually also increased at the same time. However, the appeal of the Xiaomi Mi Band reveals that there is certainly a need for such a budget friendly device, and with the Galaxy Fit 2, those interested in physical fitness bands now have a fantastic option.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 technical requirements.

Doesnt work well with damp coats.
Looking back at my review notes from the past few weeks, there is one major shortcoming that I require to speak about. D.

All of these points do not affect the total lead to a unfavorable or positive way, but they can assist offer you with a much better idea on what you can get out of this fitness tracker right out of package..

Exceptional battery life.
As I already mentioned in my suggested list of best physical fitness trackers, these clever wearable devices should satisfy the following criteria in my opinion: To keep an eye on all.

Where the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 ratings.

Really hard to see: A small square must show up in this image on the best side/ © NextPit.

Connection: Bluetooth v5.1.
Show: 1.1-inch AMOLED display (2.78 cm).
Show resolution: 126 x 294.
Memory: 2 MB.
Device memory: 32 MB.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 46.6 x 18.6 x 11.1 mm.
Weight: 21 grams.
Battery capacity: 159 mAh.
Battery life: Up to 21 days.
Sensors: Accelerometer, position sensor, pulse sensing unit.
Operating system: FreeRTOS.

uring numerous of my jogging regimens, and especially throughout my longer runs, the Fit 2 appears to have issues with clammy coats
. The wetness, which also builds up in the jacket due to my sweaty body, triggers the capacitive button of the physical fitness tracker.
The result is bothersome vibrations that disrupt me while running. With the Galaxy Fit 2, however, a button to cancel appears directly right after pushing the capacitive button.

There is no GPS, but the pulse sensing unit is reasonably precise. Look!/ © NextPit.

It doesnt get any healthier than this picture!/ © NextPit.

With the Galaxy Fit 2 nevertheless, the clasp is clipped on and then slid under each other. While this holds it in place extremely well, it is much more cumbersome when (no matter how seldom) gotten rid of.
Aesthetics and UI style.
Appeal remains in the eye of the beholder, however I d still like to briefly note that I like the Fit 2s aesthetics. The sleek fitness tracker does not make any strong declarations on your wrist and basically complements any attire. When the high-quality AMOLED display screen with all of its 16 million colours light up, the entire shebang looks even better. The only drawback to the display is this: the device does not have an ambient light sensor and so you have to by hand change the brightness by means of a tap and a swipe or via the app on your phone. I do need to notify you that it is brilliant enough for usage under strong sunshine..
Samsungs stunning os that is based upon FreeRTOS also contributes to this, creating easily recognizable and beautiful animations and icons on the 1.1-inch display. Utilizing it is simple: all you require to do is to carry out swipe gestures and use a capacitive button which is located listed below the display to get around. There are likewise 70 various watch faces to pick from for a more personal touch, but Im not actually thinking about those for physical fitness trackers the majority of the time anyway.
In general, I was primarily happy to scroll through the menus on the responsive display, which is a little, but clear benefit. The fact that Samsung utilizes 20 percent recycled plastic in the battery charger and produces product packaging and user handbook from recycled paper is also pleasing to vegan hipsters like me! Ecological protection must surely begin with the conscience, dont you think so?
Automatic tracking detection.
Another apparent benefit in my viewpoint is the way the Galaxy Fit 2 immediately keeps track of your exercises. Its definitely not an ingenious feature when you take a look at the spec-sheets of other models, however its certainly something worth crowing about for a gadget in its rate range.
The Galaxy Fit 2 is likewise able to keep track of when youre hurrying to the bakeshop and comprehends when youre relaxed and strolling home with a roll in your mouth. Samsungs limit between exercise and normal wear is well calibrated and made sure, among other things, that the accidental exercise stops, which are my big criticism, were at least taped by the auto-tracking algorithm.

If you buy the tracker from Samsung by means of the link above, NextPit will not get any revenue or commission. In January 2021, I scoured around and chose the least expensive rate for you, and it was available directly from the producer. If anything has changed in the meantime, please let me understand in the remarks.

What took place to me, obviously, can occur to all other users. As a small point of criticism, which will not impact the final score much, I should therefore note this situation in the evaluation. Those who are more patient and follow the guidelines through the whole setup will definitely not discover anything unusual about it given that they would definitely be conscious of the capacitive buttons presence.
2 apps to utilize.
For me, what was plainly more irritating than the incredibly inconspicuous button was Samsungs app location. On both Android and Apple iOS, youll need to install both the Galaxy Wear app to link your smartphone to the wearable, and then install the Samsung Health app once again if you desire to access all of your essential signs and other information.

Last verdict.

In my viewpoint, Samsung provides an excellent daily tracker with the Galaxy Fit 2. Thanks to the compact form aspect and the extremely long battery life of up to 21 days (according to the producers specifications, more on that later), it is very comfortable to use. The Fit 2 remains strongly on your wrist while running, sleeping, walking, and even in the shower, if you wish.
You will not find features such as GPS or an ECG. That is not a problem at all, due to the fact that with a current online price of just EUR30 to EUR40, Samsung needs to and have actually focused on the basic functions and do it right. If youre interested, you can acquire the tracker utilizing the link below.

While so far it was bad or either good features, I will quickly.

The Samsung Health app is uncluttered and clean – however youll likewise require to set up Galaxy Wear/ © NextPit.

The Fit 2 runs out of breath here.

As with all fitness trackers, the heart rate monitor is located dealing with the wrist/ © NextPit.

Physical fitness tracker Review.

If you want to track your jogging range afterwards, youll have to look for another physical fitness tracker or even a smartwatch. Your handset can record your route via another app concurrently, as I didnt want to lose my progress in the Adidas running app in my case, leading me to do so..
Provided the low entry rate point, I dont think the absence of GPS is a big unfavorable point. If you desire to save money, you will naturally have to do without some functions, and given that you require your mobile phone to listen to music anyway, lots of will incline using the smart device to play an additional function by tracking your area..

During tracking, there were constantly cancellations, due to the fact that the tracker responded to my wet jacket. How irritating!
/ © NextPit.
As kept in mind, however, after cancelling the run, the physical fitness tracker at least acknowledged that I was in fact still running and automatically monitored that. In theory, the data isnt completely lost, however by hand compiling it later on is certainly a tedious affair.
I can not forecast exactly whether you will have comparable problems after your purchase. Not everybody runs using the exact same coat like mine. Its inner lining is made from 100 percent polyester and we may have discovered the perpetrator here.
To avoid any unwanted input from damp surfaces, Samsung likewise uses a water mode that you can activate via the notice bar even when tracking is active. When doing so, it certainly means that you must be in a swimming pool, as the Fit 2 is likewise appropriate for swimming thanks to ATM 5 water resistance.
Capacitive button difficult to see.
The capacitive button triggered a couple of teething problems for me, being so inconspicuous that I didnt recognize it until midway through my evaluation. Prior to that, I found it very tough to stop tracking. Doing so was much more instinctive after discovering the button, however the presence of the button remains a problem.

The accuracy in its pulse rate measurement ranks pretty well, specifically when I compared it to my reliable high blood pressure monitor. As you can see in the picture, the outcome is exactly the exact same during my attempts to begin the measurements as near to each other as possible. Nevertheless, determining ones heart beat rate while remaining still is typically less of an issue with fitness trackers. As to how precise the sensing unit is during workouts, I am unable to say. I could not discover any particular disparities throughout my time with it.
Keeping track of time.
The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 counts down precisely 25 seconds while you clean your hands. Considering that the tracker likewise records how frequently you cleaned your hands, one would be able to delight in a little bit of additional motivational increase.
With the feature, Samsung proves not just that they are responsive and versatile to existing situations, but likewise how far-reaching help from fitness trackers can be. When makers try to implement non-traditional functions, I always welcome it. While the handwashing function is not a must-have criterion when making a purchase, it is a distinctly welcome plus point.

In terms of appearances and use, there is extremely little to grumble about the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2. And thanks to its remarkable battery life, I can fully forgive small slip-ups such as the inaccurate entries due to my damp jacket and the requirement of two obligatory apps to get it up and running. For the very same factor, from me, this is a highly recommended purchase if youre trying to find a fitness tracker!

the crucial data and fitness activities of the wearer as completely and easily as possible. And here, seldom has a physical fitness tracker persuaded me as much as the Galaxy Fit 2.


The Galaxy Fit 2s clasp is regrettably rather loose/ © NextPit.

discuss a few other things that I discovered during the evaluation and figured out that you simply should learn about previously buying
. Since you most likely want to reach a conclusion quickly, here are a couple of bottom lines:.

Still not encouraged? You can read our fitness tracker contrast here.

Other things to remember of …

The charging clip works via a little plastic pin and is not magnetic in nature. The integrated USB cable is regrettably short at only approximately 10 centimetres long.
Sport modes include strolling, running, cycling, swimming and “other workouts”, in which the heart rate screen and pedometer work separately.
You can react to notices through quick-reply, but you cant set them yourself.
For calendar, music control, showing sleep data on the tracker, actions taken, and recording your water intake, youll need to find more widgets in the app.
The Fit 2 also provides tension detection, however youll always need to trigger it by hand. There is no warning for excessive stress.

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at first glance, Samsung seems to have actually taken goal at Xiaomis extremely popular physical fitness tracker with the Galaxy Fit 2. In my opinion, Samsung offers a really excellent everyday tracker with the Galaxy Fit 2. The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 counts down exactly 25 seconds while you wash your hands. The “Find my Band” function, which vibrates the Galaxy Fit 2, is likewise another practical function, and Galaxy Wear directs you to the Samsung Health app for everything else.
In terms of looks and use, there is really little to complain about the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2.

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