Sony pulls PS5 game release dates from CES 2021 trailer –

Sony has actually pulled a raft of PlayStation 5 video game release dates from its CES 2021 trailer.
This week, Sony released a new PS5 trailer broadcast during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to its YouTube channel, and with it some modifications to the release dates of various upcoming PS5 video games.
Hidden in the trailers fine print came word that Capcoms odd-looking astronaut and small girl-starring Pragmata will now arrive in 2023. It was formerly slated for launch in 2022.
There was also a slightly more conclusive March 2021 launch window for the interesting Kena: Bridge of Spirits, rather of just “spring”.
Square Enixs mysterious Project Athia, in development at Luminous Productions, was given a January 2022 release date. Its a PS5 console unique for two years, so do not anticipate that on Xbox Series S/X until January 2024.
Returnal launches on 19th March, Solar Ash in June, Little Devil Inside in July, while Stray and Ghostwire Tokyo are both due in October, according to the initial trailer.
PlayStation noted its own big hitters Ratchet & & Clank: Rift and Horizon Forbidden West with simple “2021” dates, though it formerly defined the former would arrive in the very first half of the year, while the latter would turn up in 2021s 2nd half.
The original little print.However, Sony has actually because reuploaded the trailer to its YouTube channel – this time with the different third-party release dates and windows scrubbed from the fine print. The brand-new trailer is below:
And heres the brand-new smallprint:
It now appears clear this info was not meant to be launched to the general public at this point, which makes sense provided the subtle reveal for what would normally be big news. And after that there was the “Januray” typo in the initial fine print – more proof the entire thing was a mistake.
! Absolutely nothing to see here. Carrying on. You never saw nothin etc

Absolutely nothing to see here. Moving on. You never ever saw nothin and so on

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