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Which brings us to the point: According to Steam Database, which has a quite solid record with this sort of thing, the Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021 will begin on February 11 and go to February 15.
The @Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021 will range from 11th February to 15th. Leaked from an email to Steam partners, and you know, the Chinese New Year is on 12th 14, 2021.
Steams Lunar New Year occasions arent quite the extended blowouts that the Winter and Summer sales are, but there are offers, and its a safe bet that Lunar New Year products will show up in the Points Shop. In 2015s sale had its own Night Market, where you could turn in earned points for profile backgrounds, chatroom results, chat sticker labels, which sort of thing, but that was prior to the launch of the permanent Points Shop and so my assumption is that it will not make a re-appearance this year.
Obviously, this is all unproven and informal, however its most likely not coincidence that the 2021 Lunar New Year also starts on February 12. Whatever the real date is (and if I was a wagering male, I d say February 12 is it), well let you understand when the sale gets underway. For all the Steam sale leakages we know about, watch on our list.

Its not quite such a remarkable thing these days, thanks mostly to the ubiquity of Steam sales and expansion of other online storefronts– not to discuss Valves evident indifference to the entire thing– but even so, its good to have some advance notification on these things, particularly if youre still recovering from the recently-ended Steam Winter Sale..

Valve seldom reveals Steam sale dates ahead of time, but thats not really a problem for the majority of cash conscious videogame buyers because the dates routinely leak well beforehand anyhow. I slightly remember that it used to be a pretty big offer, method back when: A date would slip out from the darkest shadows of the internet, and we d all huddle around to discuss the probability of its precision, what we may buy, and whose head would roll when the leakers identity was found.

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