The Galaxy S21 loses almost as much as it upgrades. Heres why –

The Galaxy S21 series is no normal Samsung phone launch. Theres three flagship phones again, as expected and a visible redesign, sure, and major electronic camera hardware upgrades for the high-end Galaxy S21 Ultra.
It appears that Samsung wishes to cling on to its mobile phone leading area and is making uncharacteristically sensible spec choices to arrive. When we asked why were getting the S21 line-up in January this year, a Samsung representative referenced the pandemic and said theyve seen “the variety of requirements customers have for their mobile phones expand”.

Reuters, on the other hand, has reported, per internal Samsung Electronics sources, that the new earlier launch date is created to eat into Huaweis market share, while its still handling the geopolitical and supply chain ramifications of the 2020 United States trade ban. Huawei quickly overtook Samsung in international smart device sales in Q2 in 2015 and Canalys approximates that while Apple sold 15% more iPhone 11s than iPhone XRs in the US last year, Galaxy S20 sales in the very first three months dropped a substantial 59 per cent on 2019s S10 series. Simply put, something clearly wasnt working.
A lot of the creative choices made on the Galaxy S21 series are squaring the circle of flagship specs, 5G, battery life and keeping costs inexpensive. The 6.7-inch Galaxy S21+ is selling for ₤ 949, and the 6.8-inch Ultra, ₤ 1,149.
Thats how you wind up with a scenario in which the Galaxy S21 and S21+ have lower display resolutions than their predecessors, now Full HD+ screens. Samsung was hell bent on an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate across the variety – and it was able to carry out 10-120Hz at WQHD+ resolution, and 1,500 nits of brightness, on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, with a minor change to the natural material in the Dynamic AMOLED 2X display.
Samsung explains that users were dropping down to Full HD to use the 120Hz rate anyhow and, if were being very generous, zero-commute lockdowns (for a proportion of employees) do lend themselves a lot more to smooth doomscrolling than say, seeing hi-res motion pictures on tiny screens when the TELEVISION is right there. Mobile video gaming might go in either case; League of Legends: Wild Rift will introduce 120Hz assistance “quickly”.

The Galaxy S21 series is no typical Samsung phone launch. Theres 3 flagship phones again, as anticipated and a noticeable redesign, sure, and major camera hardware upgrades for the high-end Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Galaxy S21 series now maxes out at 512GB, whereas if you choose up a Galaxy S20 you can get up to 1TB expandable storage. All three Galaxy S21 will run Android 11 and arrive with Samsungs new 5 nanometer Exynos 2100 chip. Its powered by Qualcomms Snapdragon 888 in the US, though with 8GB not 12GB of RAM on the S21 and S21+, yet another choice raising eyebrows online.

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Then theres the death of the Note S Pen compatibility here. Its only the S21 Ultra that will deal with the stylus, and a rep informed us the S Pen is equivalent not to the 20s accessory but to the Note 8s stylus, with a bigger type element with a more comfy grip. Theres no Bluetooth, for circumstances, but this functionality, for Air Actions etc, will be including the S Pen Pro later on this year. Theres likewise, oddly, no place to actually keep the S Pen on the S21 Ultra itself, so youll require a case like Samsungs reasonably priced, first-party ₤ 59 Silicon Cover. (Weve not had hands-on time with the S21 series yet, due to lockdown restrictions in the UK, watch out for full evaluations quickly.).

A return to flat display screens, instead of curved as on the Galaxy S10 and S20 series, is less a rollback and more an action to useful web feedback. (If youre a long time Samsung user, you tend to get used to the curved screen in time, but hand your phone to a friend and watch them panic.).

In other places, things are service as usual with plenty of the anticipated tech upgrades. All 3 Galaxy S21 will run Android 11 and show up with Samsungs new 5 nanometer Exynos 2100 chip. Its powered by Qualcomms Snapdragon 888 in the United States, though with 8GB not 12GB of RAM on the S21 and S21+, yet another choice raising eyebrows online.
The Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra likewise include UWB (the fashionable Ultra-Wideband procedure) for item and pet tracking by means of SmartThings Find, whereas the S21 depends on Bluetooth. Thats one of lots of choices that make it less likely well get a Galaxy S21 FE anytime soon – launching a cheaper S21 FE without UWB would be the obvious choice thats no longer offered.
The redesign, on the other hand, with its declaration electronic camera module, works best on the more downplayed colourways and with the less visually tough three lenses of the S21 and S21+; after all the hype over the R&D that entered into it, we do wish to see Samsungs Phantom Black Ultra personally, however. The Galaxy S21 has the glasstic plastic finish weve seen before and all three designs have Gorilla Glass Victus security round the front.
And the significant news on the S21 Ultra, which also has a huge 5,000 mAh battery with 45W fast charging, is the pro-grade camera enhancements. These should not be written off even if theyre no surprise, considering that, according to our pro professional photographer test of five leading mobile phones, Samsung is exceptional in low light currently lags a little behind Apple and Google for phone photography in other shooting scenarios.
With the Z Fold and Z Flip lines no doubt drawing up the majority of the galaxy mental capacity at Samsung, tweaking the Galaxy S series to make it as mass market as possible makes a lot of sense. And that indicates bringing the rate down.
Its unclear whether this mix of strange but sensible choices, in the name of making 5G flagship phones inexpensive in 2021, will keep Samsung on top. Theres simply enough here to signify to the unsuspecting public that this is the new Galaxy series, though Samsung may lose some core Android patriots both to competitors like Xiaomi and Oppo (who are still raising specs and prices every year) and even, to a smaller degree, its own Galaxy S20 series. Like we stated, not rather a typical phone launch.

One downgrade thats not likely to win Samsung favour is its decision to drop its signature microSD assistance. The Galaxy S21 series now maxes out at 512GB, whereas if you get a Galaxy S20 you can get up to 1TB expandable storage. A Samsung spokesperson informed The Verge this week that its low-cost to update to a greater storage design and users can go to cloud storage instead. Its a familiar spat to the removal of headphone jacks; individuals like the choice and, as Google did on its Pixel line with the 3.5 mm jack, we wouldnt be shocked if Samsung backtracks on this in future.
There will probably be some uproar over the truth that both the charging brick and basic earphones will be missing from the S21 box. You do get a USB-C cable and some pre-orders come with bonus like a pair of Galaxy Buds Live and a Samsung Smart Tag.

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