Woman, 35, gives birth to 21-year-old stepsons baby after divorcing his dad – Mirror Online

A woman who married her own stepson after separating his father has actually offered birth to their child child

Marina stated: “Dad does not wish to reveal our daughter yet, thats why the view is only from the back.

” After that she was coming back and depending on bed with me as if nothing had occurred.”.

” We are believing about the name.”.

” Everything is excellent with us,” she stated.

Newborn baby on scales.
( Image: @marina_balmasheva).

She stated: “So many people tell me to utilize makeup – make lashes, and curl my pubic hair – because of my young other half.

” They were not shy to make love while I was at home. I would have forgiven her unfaithful, if it wasnt my kid.

She posted photos of her daughter, whose name has not yet been announced, but said her toyboy partner advised her not to reveal the girls face.

Marina is a popular weight-loss blog writer in Russia with over half a million followers, after she lost 8 stone and shared pictures of her “journey”.

Marina stated she was a “total mess” after the birth yesterday which followed her waters breaking as she watched Game of Thrones.

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Marina Balmasheva and brand-new husband Vladimir Shavyrin met he was simply 7 years of ages and she assisted raise him.

The infant, born in Krasnodar, was slightly more than 8lbs and 20 inches in length and her father was not present at her birth.

Marina with her partner Vladimir.
( Image: @marina_balmasheva).

They havent announced the childs name.
( Image: @marina_balmasheva).

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” He is a great individual and a wonderful father to our kids.”.

” Did I wish to return to my ex? No. Do I feel anger and hatred towards him?Not any longer.

” I was embarrassed that I eliminated the stability of mum and dad.

” But there is something – he fell in love with me with all my scars from cosmetic surgeries, cellulite, excessive skin and personality.

The 35-year-old fell in love with him after he returned from university, and she later divorced his dad so they might be together.

At the time he said: “He had not had a girlfriend before her.

Less fathers in Russia attend births of their kids than in the West.

Her now ex-husband Alexey Shavyrin grumbled that she seduced his son.

She now states he previous marriage was “not living however pretending”.

She also informed how she demanded a prenup so that she keeps all her money and properties in case of divorce from her brand-new partner.

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” Did I want to return to my ex? Do I feel anger and hatred towards him?Not any longer.

Balmasheva told her followers: “Did I have regrets that I ruined the family? Both yes and no.

If the dad was not present due to Covid-19 constraints or hospital policy or individual choice, she did not say.

Marina Balmasheva with her brand-new partner Vladimir who she raised from 7 years of ages.
( Image: @marina_balmasheva).

” And I do not want to seem better than what I am.”.

Marina Balmasheva postured for a selfie with her baby daughter.
( Image: @marina_balmasheva).

Marina has separated her other half and is now with her stepson.
( Image: @marina_balmasheva).

” [The baby] did not sleep too well during the night, but [she] has been sleeping since 6am.”. She earlier informed her fans information of her pregnancy and revealed how she went through a succession of plastic surgical treatment treatments to make herself appealing to her now spouse who she calls “the most lovely blue-eyes on the planet”.

” She was running to my childs bed from our bed room when I was sleeping.

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