Woman finds bizarre message written in snow on her trash can – and internet reveals its ‘terrifying’ meani – The Sun

A TIKTOK user has shared video footage of a strange message she found composed on the snow on top of her garbage cans.

The woman, called Jade and thought to reside in the United States, discovered the composing as she went to take her rubbish out one morning.


Video shows the characters 1F written in snow on the trash can of a Tiktok user

Another user recommended the female ought to cover the messages with snow and change it with the letters “2M” for “2 males”.

” And I went and this is on the top of my trash bucket.”

” What the f ** k does that mean?” the female says.

She likewise stated she was doing “fine”, but that she prepared to go back to your house with somebody else when she returns.

But a variety of users also reacted claiming that the combination has a threatening significance.

” They are informing the individuals who are supposed to rob you or whatever, that you live alone.”.

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Composed in the snow on top of the garbage cans are the characters: “1F”.


The clip went viral after being published to social networks, getting 7.5 million views and over one million likes.

A second stated: “Means youre being viewed! Take care.”.

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She said the police had told there wasnt much they could do, and that they informed her to be watchful or to go and stay with a friend or relative for a duration.

” It indicates one female,” said one.

In the clip, the female is seen entering her garden and saying: “So I came outdoors to put my trash out like I do every early morning.

Live Blog.

” A primary and an F? The f ** k is that?”.

Jade stated that the remarks had actually “started to scare” her and had prompted her to get in touch with the authorities.

” Youre a target babe,” a 3rd user claimed.

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