10 Most Absurd Movies Starring WWE Wrestlers – WhatCulture

WWE and the world of cinema have a lot in common. While many people judge wrestling for attempting to make a scripted fight look real, they have no quarrels with an entire industry based on bringing fictional events to life. The two mediums are closely connected, and thus it’s no surprise that many wrestlers end up transitioning over to the film industry.

There have been some groundbreaking examples of former professional wrestlers turned actors, with the likes of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Batista setting a precedent for how to be successful in both businesses. But not everyone can be a Hollywood megastar, and the following entries are great examples of why these performers haven’t found much success.

While not all of these movies are terrible, they are completely absurd. The people who created them either didn’t know what they were doing or had overwhelmingly active imaginations and while the wrestlers involved do not work wonders for their severity, they at least bring a certain charm to the projects.

(Be warned: this list will contain some minor spoilers for the movies discussed. Sorry for sullying your enjoyment of Leprechaun: Origins…)

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