Ashley Cain’s daughter to get stem cell transplant tomorrow but is warned success is unlikely as tot’s leu – The Sun

Nevertheless the TV star and his partner Safiyya Vorajee have been cautioned that the four-month old is at high danger of issues and that the transplant has likely a lower success result after her leukaemia returned.

ASHLEY Cains daughter will undergo a stem cell transplant tomorrow after a cable donor was found to be a match for the kid.


Ashley Cain and his partner Safiyya Vorajee got the very best Christmas present ever after a stem cell donor was discovered for their baby daughterCredit: Instagram

Nevertheless doctors informed the couple that in spite of their best efforts, the leukaemia had returned quickly.

Talking to The Sun, Ashley, 30, described: “All we desired for Christmas was a match for our daughter. We have actually been informed that we have found a match for our daughter. It is incredible. We have actually had our paths of ups and downs and this is the next stage..

Azaylia, who is fighting the rarest form of the disease, will go through the transplant tomorrow at Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

Azaylia had undergone a second round of chemotherapy to clear the cancer ahead of the operation.


Speaking ahead of the transplant, Ashley said the news Azaylias leukaemia had actually returned was difficult to understand.

Ashley and Safiyya have actually been remaining at in the Holiday Inn at Snow Hill, next to the hospital, to be near Azaylia at all times.

” But after recent tests and a meeting with the transplant group, we were notified Azaylias leukaemia has returned already. This is a sign of how aggressive her leukaemia suggests and is how essential this transplant will be.”.

The couple had the ability to both see Azaylia at the exact same time at Birmingham Childrens Hospital on Christmas Day as the rigorous Covid-19 rules were eased for parentsCredit: Instagram.

” However, Azaylia had a second round of chemotherapy which is meant to blast her body and clear the leukaemia, prepared for the transplant.


Azaylia was identified with AML– one of the rarest kinds of leukaemia – last month.

He stated: “It came as a massive blow to us and brought us to our knees. It means she will have to go into transplant with Leukaemia which is not perfect at all.

” This news was exceptionally hard to hear and has actually made every day even more difficult to face because.”.

Ashley and Safiyya are remaining positive however and believe Azaylia has the strength to eliminate.

” We were told that due to the fact that of her age and the aggressiveness of her leukaemia she is in the high danger category for transplant complications and the poor risk category for transplant success.


” She is a fighter, she is a warrior and she will do this and we will be by her side every action of the method!.

” We enter into transplant tomorrow and will take 4 to 9 months. We have actually been told that its going to be difficult, she will be really badly and its going to get a lot even worse before it gets much better.

Ashley stated: “Were staying positive and strong for our daughter, she has actually surpassed the first phase of treatment versus the chances and we genuinely think that she will do the exact same this time around.

The couple hope she will undergo the transplant in the New YearCredit: miss_safiyya _/ Instagram.


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Ashley Cains child daughter Azaylia has second round of chemotherapy amid hunt for stem cell donor to fight leukaemia.


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If you desire to assist, you can sign up with the stem cell register here.

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” All donors are anonymous so we will never ever learn who donated and where they are from.

Ashley, here with Azaylia previously this month, now intend to raise awareness of cable donations and have actually called on more health centers to offer itCredit: mrashleycain/Instagram.


” But the unique thing for me is, it could be a new donor or a previous donor, but for everyone who came together– you have helped to save my daughters life.”.

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