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Available from ₤ 18,000.
Reliable, however costly to service.
Ageless design and extravagant interior.
Effortless development from first-rate engine …
… that loves hydrocarbons.

Engine: 5,998 cc, W12, twin-turbochargedTransmission: 6-speed automatic, all-wheel drivePower (hp): 560@6,100rpmTorque (pound ft): 479@1,600rpm0-62mph: 4.8 secsTop speed: 198mphWeight: 2,350 kgMPG (authorities combined): 17CO2: 396g/kmWheels: 19inTyres: 275/40 (f), 275/40 (r) On sale: 2003 – 2011Price new: ₤ 110,000 (2003 )Price now: from ₤ 18,000.
Note for reference: automobile weight and power data are hard to select with outright certainty. For consistency, we utilize the very same source for all our guides. We hope the information we utilize is right more typically than its wrong. Our suggestions is to treat it as relative instead of definitive.

The Continental GT is the most essential cars and truck Bentley has actually ever developed. While the original R-type Continental that donated its name to the 2003 model will forever be the beloved of the classic automobile world, without the GT there would most likely be no Bentley at all. The companys fortunes hinged on the GT and it ended up being a roaring success.
At launch, the GT was not rapturously gotten by the press, reporters citing its company flight and performance that didnt feel as fast as it should. There was far more to enjoy in Bentleys good-looking two-door coupe, which bore an interior so lavishly cut that ₤ 110,000 in 2003 didnt appear all that bad. It was much more cost effective than an Arnage, yet it had sleek, modern-day fastback looks and area for four travelers.
Couple of purchasers appeared troubled that Bentley had obtained much of the GTs mechanical parts from the Volkswagen Phaeton. For some, this indicated the peace of mind of regularly high develop quality standards and dependability. There was also still sufficient Britishness in the Continental GT because it was developed in Crewe and its distinct W12 engine being put together there, too.

The Continental GTs interior is what sets it apart from many competitors, mixing exceptional comfort with handcrafted quality. In the case of the Continental range, handmade suggests accuracy and attention to detail rather than beautiful materials thrown together.
The motorists seat outer bolster may show some scuffing and wear, however a well-cared for automobile ought to have had this treated before sale. Inspect all of the leather carefully for marks as replacing any damage will be hard and pricey to get an exact colour match.
A great deal of Continentals from 2005-on will have the Mulliner Driving pack that grouped together the most popular choices into one choice price. This included two-tone leather, diamond quilting for the upholstery, knurled chrome for the gear lever and buttons, embroidered Bentley logo on the seats, and the option of burr walnut or piano black veneer surfaces.
A lot of the automobiles electronic devices are positioned in the area and it has actually been understood for water to leak into this region. Arranging out damaged electrics in this part of the vehicle can run to an expense of ₤ 15,000.

The large number of original GTs still active confirms simply how well engineered they were. It makes for an attractive purchase in its golden years – and is uncommon example of a big-engined luxury car that might almost be called low risk.
Even using the famously easygoing old world economy step, the GT provided just 17mpg combined back in the day. Doubtless that believed – along with plenty of accessibility – has actually massaged the cars and trucks long-running depreciation. At the time of composing, the classifieds contain some below ₤ 20k.
Find yourself among the numerous excellent ones– in 2021 the option is abundant– and the experience will likely far outweigh the purchase rate. At launch the very first GT cost ₤ 110k, however by the time it was pulled off sale in 2011 that figure was over ₤ 130k, which just to demonstrate how much pomp youre getting for your cash nowadays. Admittedly, it does not look like the Conti is done diminishing simply yet, but once again, thats most likely an element of the volume that Bentley shifted over a long life cycle, instead of a sign of decreasing desirability.
It has aged too well for that. The brand-new model is exceptional in practically every aspect, its true – however no-one is going to mistake the old automobile for anything aside from a Bentley GT and that indicates it retains significant cache. You might even argue that its a little less conspicuous than its follower – which is quite something when you consider the models early association with Premiership footballers. That time has actually surely passed now; whats left is perhaps among the most engaging secondhand high-end purchases of 2021. So long as the price of incredibly unleaded doesnt sky rocket …

Double wishbone front suspension and a multi-link rear set-up use air springs to assist cope with the weight of the Continental GTs steel monocoque body. For 2008, Bentley revised the suspension to use more aluminium and aid minimize the vehicles overall weight by 35kg.
The CDC is fitted to all Continental GT models and enables the motorist to pick from 4 settings, varying from Comfort to Sport. These adjustable dampers have not given any trouble, but its still worth inspecting they all work as they ought to throughout a test drive. Listen out for any clunks or knocks from the suspension that indicate worn drop links, which are about ₤ 50 to change.
With the parking area up, have a look at the condition of the brake discs. The front discs are 405mm vented products and the rears are 335mm on the GT and GTC. A choice was carbon ceramic discs with 420mm fronts and 356mm rears, which were the largest brakes fitted to any production automobile at the time. Replacing the steel discs on the GT and Speed models will set you back a minimum of ₤ 900 for a set of front discs and pads plus labour, while the ceramic brakes fitted to the Supersports as standard will cost ₤ 10,000 for a complete set from Bentley.
Another brake-related worry is the electronic parking brake module is a recognized vulnerable point. If this stops working, the handbrake will not work, however a replacement module is about ₤ 230 plus fitting.
A vital check when purchasing any Continental GT design are the wheels. The basic car featured 19-inch alloys, while the Speed and Supersports models have 20-inch wheels. The Mulliner Driving pack consisted of 20-inch alloy wheels and a chrome surface for the wheels was a further option.
A new wheel for a Supersports is around ₤ 1,000 from Bentley, so any damaged wheels must be accounted for in the cost. Likewise examine how old the tire pressure sensors are as they need to be replaced at five-years old as their batteries run out. A set of 4 will cost around ₤ 400 and you require to element in the cost of removing and changing the tires plus stabilizing the wheels as part of this job.

The steel bodywork of the Continental GT need to be in excellent condition if its had a caring owner. Any dents or parking knocks will be costly to get rid of and point to an owner who has been reckless. A lot of Continental GTs survive on the street, but most owners are fastidious about the automobiles look.
The bluff front of the Continental GT suggests it can be susceptible to stone chips and ensure the headlights are not cracked. Its the exact same story with the windscreen, which costs around ₤ 1,850 plus fitting to change if your insurance does not cover this.
The GTCs convertible roofing system is one of the finest insulated soft-tops ever made and utilizes an unique seven-bow, three-layer design. It also has a heated rear glass screen and is operated by electro-hydraulics. Its unlikely the roof will be harmed through wear, however a vandalised hood will be challenging to fix and a replacement is ₤ 3,000 that includes the inner and outer linings, ECU module and all hydraulics.

Secret considerations

In time, Bentley resolved the early press criticisms and the Continental GT developed into an ever preferred machine. In 2006, the GTC convertible gotten here to include open-top car to the vehicles appeal, while the Speed model of 2007 increased power by 50hp over the currently lavish basic output.
The final grow for the first generation of Continental GT showed up with the Supersports design that introduced 630hp and a 0-62mph of 3.7 seconds. It helped that the design weighed 110kg less than a basic GT thanks to the removal of rear seats and use of lighter materials like Alcantara and carbon fibre where you would normally anticipate leather and wood.
Reckoned to be the best driving Continental GT, a Supersports will set you back anywhere in between ₤ 40,000 and ₤ 70,000 depending upon age, condition, mileage and whether its a coupe or convertible. A Speed design will cost from ₤ 30,000 and increase to ₤ 50,000, but the genuine bargain here is the basic coupe model that can be had from as little as ₤ 18,000. For that, you will be getting an all-wheel drive 6.0-litre Bentley that has actually more than made its place in the companys history books.

Some head gaskets have been understood to stop working on the W12, however its uncommon. If this does happen to your car, it will likely indicate a ₤ 15,000 expense to eliminate the engine and replace the gaskets on what is supposed to be a sealed engine unit.
There ought to be no worries with the two turbochargers so long as the engine has been serviced with the correct 0W-40 artificial oil. If there is any blue smoke from the exhausts, best to leave.
Check the condition of the radiator as best you can from above and below the engine bay and through the grille. Replacing a corroded or obstructed radiator suggests removing the front bumper, which is time consuming and contributes to the final bill on top of more than ₤ 600 for the radiator itself.
As for the six-speed ZF automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive system, they are strong and trusted. Any problems here are more than likely due to a worn electrical port, so repairs tend to be inexpensive instead of huge.

The twin-turbo W12 engines layout is unique, and assists keep the weight of the motor even more back in the chassis as its much shorter than a traditional V12. Essentially two VW VR6 engines entwined on to a common crankshaft, the 5,998 cc W12 has actually a bore and stroke of 84.0 x 90.2 mm and four valves per cylinder. In its original launch format, the engine produced 560hp at 6,100 rpm and 479lb feet of torque at a lowly 1,600 rpm. The Speed design increased power to 610hp at 6,000 rpm, however more significantly upped torque to 553lb ft at 1,750 rpm. For the Supersports, power rose to 590lb and 630hp ft.
In all three configurations, the Bentley Continental GTs engine has shown to be dependable and long lived, which represents the sheer variety of high mileage cars out there. A number of professionals informed PH they would choose a well used vehicle with full service history over one with low miles as the Continental does not like being left standing for extended periods.
If the cars and truck has been saved, you can anticipate one or both of the batteries to have actually drained pipes flat. The primary battery performs all of the duties you anticipate, while the second battery is there as back-up. Beware not to keep the ignition key too close to the car when its parked as this can drain the battery as the vehicle and key sensor are informed to each other in preparedness to unlock the vehicle.
Other electrical faults can likewise leave the GT stranded, such as unsuccessful coil packs that seem to be a VW Group weak area. You must find this by an unequal engine idle and the coils can be changed for about ₤ 350 a set, while trigger plugs will cost about ₤ 160 for 12.

[ This is an upgraded variation of a purchasing guide that was originally released in 2016]

The Continental GT is the most essential vehicle Bentley has actually ever built. While the original R-type Continental that donated its name to the 2003 model will forever be the beloved of the classic cars and truck world, without the GT there would probably be no Bentley at all. For the Supersports, power rose to 630hp and 590lb ft.
In all three 3, the Bentley Continental GTs engine has actually to be reliable trustworthy long lived, which accounts for the sheer large of high mileage cars automobiles there. Replacing the steel discs on the GT and Speed models will set you back at least ₤ 900 for a set of front discs and pads plus labour, while the ceramic brakes fitted to the Supersports as standard will cost ₤ 10,000 for a full set from Bentley.
At launch the first GT expense ₤ 110k, however by the time it was pulled off sale in 2011 that figure was over ₤ 130k, which just to show how much pomp youre getting for your cash these days.

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