Christchurch Mansion episode of Antiques Roadshow broadcast – Ipswich Star

The program, which was filmed at Christchurch Mansion in September, will be shown on BBC 1 at 7pm tonight (Sunday January 17).

In the episode, which was initially due to be shot in July, the Antiques Roadshow tent is pitched in front of the estate with the programmes well-known logo emblazoned on the lawn.
Fiona Bruce, the shows presenter considering that 2007, stated: “It will feel very different in one sense, but when weve made programmes like this before– we do it 3 or 4 times a year– people dont really appear to discover.
” The products we wind up with are such humdingers and have such fantastic stories.”

An episode of the Antiques Roadshow which was filmed in Ipswich is being relayed tonight.

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This is not the very first time the show has come from Suffolk. It checked out Helmingham Hall in 2017, and had actually set up shop in the Ipswich Corn Exchange in 1985 and in 2004.

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