Google Silently Releases Massive Google Maps Update for Some Users – autoevolution

Last year, the company announced refreshed street-level details that would supply us with more details about a particular place, and now it looks like 4 regions out there are getting this update.
More particularly, London, New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo are being upgraded with plenty of new details on Google Maps, including precisely scaled roadway widths, pathways and stairs in parks, crosswalks, typicals, and walkways and pedestrian islands.
“In some cities worldwide, you can now discover street-level details, like crosswalks, walkways, and true-to-scale road widths, within Maps. These details help you more accurately explore an area and make strategies before you check out. This can be specifically practical when you navigate on foot or have availability needs, like wheelchair or stroller requirements,” Google explains on an assistance page.
As others have actually seen too, theres nothing you can do in order to get this Google Maps upgrade, as the whole thing is powered by a server-side switch. To put it simply, even if you are running the most recent Google Maps variations, be they stable or beta, the search giant itself requires to allow the rejuvenated maps information for your gadget.
Needless to say, Google will quickly bring the exact same upgrade to more areas across the world, as the rollout is occurring gradually. The amount of work needed to offer so precise details is certainly huge, so it might take a while until smaller sized cities out there get the very same street-level refresh.
In the meantime, Google is also working on bringing the Google Maps driving mode to more users. This function is presently in the sneak peek phase in the United States for Android users, and the company is anticipated to expand and release additional improvements accessibility throughout the year.

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