GTA 6 release date: Rockstar planning big upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X? – Express

And from what has been shared by sources, the game may not strike shelves till late 2022 at the earliest, producing the longest wait yet for a Grand Theft Auto game.
One ex-Grand Theft Auto leaker and trusted Rockstar Games source, Yan2295 offered an upgrade this month, telling fans that there will not be an announcement this month.

Theres lots of rumours swirling around the next Grand Theft Auto video game, consisting of how Rockstar Games will update the experience on PS5 and Xbox Series X.
One area of the video game that fans wish to see improvements is the multiplayer experience currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
The GTA 6 release date may not be coming till 2022, or perhaps later, however that does suggest that lots of upgrades can be made.
With GTA Online proving so popular, one huge downside is how the servers work, consisting of how maps are inhabited and matchmaking functions in lobbies.
And gamers think they might have discovered proof that the release of GTA 6 might consist of enhanced server performance.
A list of patents filed by Take-Two Interactive recommends that Rockstar Games could switch its multiplayer from peer-to-peer to dedicated servers.

The post from Yann reads: “Yes GTA 6 is being developed. No, its not coming soon. No, I dont understand when its gon na be announced or launched. You can stop asking now.”
When GTA 6 will be launched, it should be kept in mind that this message was shared on social media and was primarily focused on confirming that the individual does not understand.
And GTA 6 isnt the only prominent gaming project Rockstar Games has been connected to this in 2021.
Other reports have suggested that a total edition of GTA 4 might be concerning next-gen consoles, while the development group have actually also been connected to a brand-new cancelled Bully 2 sequel.
And with a next-gen version of GTA 5 expected to introduce around October time this year, theres a lot of news that might be shared by Rockstar Games in the coming weeks, even if it isnt linked to Grand Theft Auto 6.

As pointed out by @chi_colossimo by means of Comic Book, who initially shared the Take-Two patents, there is proof that the next GTA game could utilize some type of dedicated servers, while an older patent spotted in 2015 suggests a relocation towards session combining.
This would supposedly enable Rockstar Games to simulate more populated online lobbies based on a series of elements.
What assists points some of this stuff to GTA 6 is that vehicle duplication is noted and is an exploit that might be avoided using session merging, which has been a glitch utilized on a huge scale in GTA Online.
This new feature might also make it much harder for gamers to be kicked completely out of live servers via disconnects, another enormous problem in GTA 5.
None of this is directly connected to Grand Theft Auto 6, but theres no doubt that a few of this things would benefit it greatly, specifically if more multiplayer aspects are being planned.

The post from Yann reads: “Yes GTA 6 is being established. No, its not coming soon. No, I do not know when its gon na be announced or released. You can stop asking now.”

It ought to be noted that this is based on patents submitted by Take-Two and doesnt ensure that any will be used in a final product.
It is worth keeping in mind anything being shared by a business that remains so coy on its strategies for the Grand Theft Auto franchise on PS5 and Xbox Series X.
The informal news from sources suggests that GTA 6 is still years far from launch.

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