Random: Twitter Just Defeated The Water-Type Gym Leader Misty In Pokémon Red – Nintendo Life

It took more than a week to get here however Misty was finally defeated! https://t.co/dl5r6g8cA0 pic.twitter.com/8jPBPJICVc— Constantin Liétard (@screenshakes) January 17, 2021


Its already been more than a week considering that Twitter started its journey in the Game Boy timeless Pokémon Red.
In case you missed it, users on this social media platform have actually been playing the original Game Boy title inside the avatar of Gameloft Montreal developer Constantin Liétards Twitter profile (@screenshakes).
Whats the latest? The mastermind behind this social media experiment has simply verified the Cerulean City Water-type Gym leader Misty has actually lastly been defeated. Waterfall Badge got!

Much like Twitch Plays Pokémon, it appears like the power of the internet will conquer all chances. Were sure Twitter will be crowned the Elite Four champion in no time.

It looks like the Level 18 Oddish (nicknamed CURSE) had the ability to pull through in the end.
The rest of the celebration is presently comprised of a Level 16 Spearow (SPEAROW), a Level 14 Wigglytuff (POP), a Level 24 Wartortle (AMAYBE), a Level 16 Geodude (ABBPRI), and a Level 10 Abra called Alakazam.

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