The woke lot want to cancel Sex and the City – but for the wrong reason –

An even more heinous crime is, you guessed it, “transphobia”. This, we find out, exuded everywhere from the failure to use popular and major storylines to trans people, to the hideous impropriety of Samanthas jovial and long-running relationship with a group of regional cross-dressing male woman of the streets. For this she stands implicated of “happily” utilizing a “a transphobic slur in a dig against sex workers”. Eh? Come once again? Had the community of Manhattan guys on whom those characters were based been told at the time that 20 years later Samanthas term would trigger grave offense, they d have definitely roared with laughter and informed you to get a life.

All that said, the old Sex and the City was not ideal. Those prepared with their pail of cold, woke-flavoured water have actually missed the point and spirit of the program, and have, for that reason, failed to comprehend where its legacy actually has actually been troublesome. This, to my mind, remained in offering to an entire generation of girls and girls– myself included– an image of one-night stand that made it appear essentially glamorous, liberated and smooth. It may be the last thing: it certainly isnt the first 2.

As I sought info on the reboot, which is called And Just Like That … it was clear how things would be. Pundits and tweeters piled in to lecture those impure adequate to still harbour fond accessory to the original. Vanity Fair described that, while the initial had offered a “story about proudly imperfect women” that might have appeared refreshing and even feminist at the time (it did), “the program also utilized it as a cheap reason to centre an extremely particular perspective: straight white abundance, as written by straight white females and gay white guys”.

And yet here was this force of nature, hoovering up guys by the hundreds, gobbling them up, spitting them out, and politely closing the door in their faces when they desired more. The majority of us werent into feminism yet, however we thought we understood it when we saw it. We definitely felt it. This was a woman we wished to be and a life we desired.

It was a grim minute last week when I understood that news of the revival of Sex and the City, my all-time favourite television program, did not make me thrilled or happy. A programme about white women and heterosexual sex? Sex and the City in its wondrous old kind is no longer on the Allowed list of things to enjoy due to the fact that it is too “white” and too “straight”. For this she stands accused of “gleefully” using a “a transphobic slur in a dig against sex employees”. All that said, the old Sex and the City was not perfect.

It was a grim moment last week when I realised that news of the revival of Sex and the City, my all-time favourite television programme, did not make me ecstatic or pleased. Instead, it made me anxious, separated and depressed. It was not that the brilliant character of Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall, will not be there, though that is sad. No, it was that the culture wars– won by those overwhelmingly on the side of severe, typically ridiculous dedication to political accuracy– have actually messed up whatever, including what constitutes entertainment. A programme about white females and heterosexual sex? Front of the line for massacre by the PC police.

There you have it. Sex and the City in its joyous old type is no longer on the Allowed list of things to enjoy since it is too “white” and too “straight”. Crimes consist of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) expressing concern about being included with bisexual men, or in Vanity Fairs eye-wateringly ungenerous terms, doubting such mens very “validity”..

My preferred character was constantly Samantha. She offered a vision of womanhood we had never ever experienced. She was humorous, forthright and dressed like a maniac: all things young ladies believe make them less, not more, attractive.

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