Tommyinnit leaks Addison Rae in Dream Minecraft server » TalkEsport – TalkEsport

Addison Rae is a popular TikToker whose popularity comes from her dance relocations, having tried to go into the gaming/streaming community once prior to led to her getting some major backlash, that as it appears have done little to demotivate her from having fun with popular streamers.

Throughout a stream, Tommyinnit discovered Rae hanging out in the Dream SMPs Discord general channel. The reaction from the fans was far from last time, a lot of took her presence lightly and appeared all right with the fact that she will be playing with their preferred streamers.

Addison Rae didnt supply much details about her participation, but she did ignore an invite from Tommyinnit before calling him a “d * ckh * advertisement”. Most likely not how Tommy expected his stream to turn out, however if Rae will be joining them in the future, it might potentially bring a wide variety fans over from TikTok to Twitch/YouTube, mutually helping both platforms in their growth.

Great deals of individuals discover gaming cool so its only natural everyone desires a piece of the fame that it brings. It holds a big potential untapped markets that can bring an influx of followers even for someone like Addison Rae, who currently boasts over 75 million and 34 million fans on TikTok and Instagram respectively.

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