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A CoD loadout is absolutely nothing without the upgrades to match, so here are the best perks to give you a competitive edge in any Warzone game mode.

While Warzone is now a standalone video game, it is still linked to Modern Warfare. It utilizes its engine, menus, movement system, and perks. In Warzone Season 1, none of the benefits from Black Ops Cold War can be used, so you must gear up Modern Warfares.

Here are the very best benefits to use in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 1

Overkill then Ghost.

Use Overkill to get both weapons in your very first loadout for efficiency at all varieties, then take either Ghost or Restock from your next loadout crate and youll have the finest of both worlds.

Double Time.

Double Time.

It utilizes its engine, menus, movement system, and benefits. In Warzone Season 1, none of the advantages from Black Ops Cold War can be utilized, so you must equip Modern Warfares.



Youll lose on the Ghost perk, but if youre driving at enemies to take them out as quickly as possible, then Ghost really will not be essential.

Restock is just helpful if youre an extremely positive, aggressive player. Restock is a must-pick if youre driving around the map taking out bounty target after bounty target. Starting a fight with a well-placed Stun Grenade will generally provide you the kill, and Restock enables you to get your equipment back every 50 seconds.

In solos, you need to be the first individual in the next zone and Double Time will enable you to quickly move around the map without a vehicle revealing your area. The increased crouch walk speed also gives you high movement while sneaking up on opponents.


Warzone solos is almost a totally different game from squads, where you should quickly turn into new zones and understand where opponent players remain in order to endure. Here are the finest benefits to get that solo victory.

Run these perks along with the meta weapons, and youll be putting yourself at a significant advantage in both Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

As Gaz stated in Call of Duty 4, “switching to your handgun is always faster than refilling.” This stays real in Warzone over a decade later, and the Amped perk makes this even more efficient.

As long as you have a sliver of armor left, you can survive any explosive besides a direct hit, so keep putting on plates and youll be invulnerable.


In Warzone quads, youll be battling several enemies at as soon as so youll require E.O.D to endure several explosions and Amped to prevent refilling mid-fight.

With Verdansk having both long lines of sight and close-quarters fight, many gamers bring both a long-range and up-close weapon in their loadout. The Warzone meta following the DMR nerf is a Kar98k coupled with either an FFAR or MAC-10.

Best perks for Warzone solos.

Image Credits: Activision.

Best perks for Warzone teams (duos/trios/quads).

Ghost is most likely the most pre-owned perk in Warzone. With UAVs constantly being popped, and nearly every player running a heartbeat sensor, keeping yourself off the radar is crucial.

This perk is specifically effective in solo matches, where youll normally only be concentrating on a single gamer at a time. If someone has been close by just recently, this perk permits you to see the opponents footsteps so you know. With how slow and tactical solo matches can be, youll marvel the number of times it will save your skin.

Perk 3.

Benefit 2.



E.O.D lowers explosive damage taken, which makes it an essential Perk in Call of Duty: Warzone. If youre stuck in a room with gamers outside, expect a barrage of Semtex and Frag Grenades coming at you. If you have any hope of enduring, you need to have E.O.D equipped.

Benefit 1.

Theres nothing even worse than lacking ammunition and enjoying helplessly as youre gotten while either changing weapons or reloading. Amped permits you to nearly immediately swap weapons so you can keep shooting with minimal delay.

E.O.D reduces explosive damage minimizes, which makes it a vital Perk in Call benefit Duty: Warzone. This perk is especially reliable in solo matches, where youll typically only be focusing on a single gamer at a time. This perk permits you to see the enemys steps so you know if someone has been nearby recently.


Double Time permits you to Tactical Sprint for longer, as well as crouch stroll much faster. Movement is essential for pressing enemies and avoiding the closing circle of gas.

You can slip up on teams and make a fast trip if youre in a difficult situation. Or, if youre a building camper (no judgments here), listen to your opponents rage in the death chatter as you take them by surprise.

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