Almost a third of recovered Covid patients return to hospital in five months and one in eight die –

” These individuals urgently require follow up and the need to be on things like aspirin and statins.”.

” Weve seen studies where survivors have had MRS scans and theyve cardiac problems and liver issues.

Last year, scientists at North Bristol NHS Trust found that 3 quarters of virus clients dealt with at Bristols Southmead Hospital were still experiencing problems three months later.

“We do not understand if its due to the fact that Covid destroyed the beta cells which make insulin and you get Type 1 diabetes, or whether it causes insulin resistance, and you establish Type 2, but we are seeing these unexpected brand-new medical diagnoses of diabetes,” he added.

The new research study was published on a pre-print server and is yet to be peer evaluated. However specialists described the paper as “crucial”.

Symptoms consisted of breathlessness, excessive fatigue and muscle pains, leaving individuals having a hard time to clean, gown and return to work.

Discussing the research study on Twitter, Christina Pagel, director of the clinical functional research unit at University College London stated: “This is such important work. Covid has to do with so much more than death. A significant concern of long-lasting illness after hospitalisation for Covid.”.

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