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” There is a real divide throughout the cast and crew, with some individuals Team Condou and a couple of Team Cotton.

However, his 2nd stint on the program was rocked by accusations of a feud with his closet co-star.

Their relationship hit the rocks when Marcus was spotted out with another man, leading paranoid and significantly angry Sean (Antony Cotton) to make a pass at somebody else.

Sean and Marcus had a rocky relationship in Coronation Street
( Image: ITV).

Marcus Damage and Sean Tully had an explosive relationship in Coronation Street – however the real drama was supposedly taking place off-screen.

When they had to on set, insider sources declared Charlie and Antony did not get on and would just speak to each other.

Antony Cotton and Charlie Condou played the on-screen couple.
( Image: ITV/Rex Features).

” It is an open trick that Antony and Charlie do not agree,” a source told The Mirror.

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In what looked like a dig at his previous on-screen fan, Charlie tweeted: “Why do individuals post photos of their dinner on Twitter..

Food-mad Antony utilized to treat his Twitter followers to daily photos of delicious food he had actually invoked in the house, however the countless images of food meals seem to have shown too much for Charlie.

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When Charlie signed a two-year agreement to remain on Corrie at the start of 2013, this reportedly got even worse.

Charlie Condous character got here on the Street in September 2007 and started dating knicker stitcher Sean.

At the time, a Coronation Street representative declined to talk about their off-camera relationship however stated: “On set they have a fantastic, expert relationship.”.

Sean was stunned to find Marcus snogging Maria.
( Image: itv).

This time round, Marcus and Sean chose to provide their relationship another go.

A follower then asked: “What, like Antony Cotton does?”.

” They are both really different individuals and whereas Antony is rather showbizzy, Charlie is rather peaceful and down to earth. They simply rub each other up the wrong method.”.

Then in a shock twist, Marcus kissed Maria Connor and they started a relationship, much to Seans scary.

With the couple taken in by jealousy, Marcus chose to move away from Weatherfield, leaving a devastated Sean behind.

When reports emerged they had actually fallen out over an acid-tongued comment made online back in April 2013, things apparently got even worse simply a few months later on.

Charlie left after a year on the soap, but the star mad a much-welcomed returned in April 2011.

There was a lot of significant stories on-screen, however reports from behind-the-scenes were equally as juicy.

With Sean caring for his child Dylan, Marcus wanted a child of his own, but the couple disagreed and eventually broke up as soon as again.

To which Charlie responded: “Seriously, who provides a s ***!

Anthony did not comment on the remarks at the time.

” The manufacturers have actually been actually supportive and are leaving the door open for Marcus which is fantastic, and my exit will definitely be explosive.”.

Discussing his exit, Charlie said: “Ive had a fantastic time at Corrie but feel its time for me to move on. I was just suggested to return for 3 months and wound up remaining for 3 years!

Things began to go badly incorrect for Marcus when he was suspended by his manager for having too much time off at work while dealing with his individual life.

He provided a really puzzling response for who the worst famous face was.

Charlie has been back in the headings today after exposing one of his previous co-stars was the “nastiest” celeb he has actually ever worked with.

Having been inspired to share which celeb was the nicest he d fulfilled, and which was the nastiest, Charlie said Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen was the finest.

Charlie certainly did have a dramatic exit storyline.

” Antony loves his cooking and shares his productions with everyone– to have a barbed remark like this relatively targeted at him will exasperate him.”.

In November 2013 it was revealed that Charlie would be leaving the soap the following year.

Speaking of the tweet, a Corrie source stated: “If tensions have been bad then this will resemble lighting the blue touch paper.

Charlie rejected that any sort of fight was happening and clarified what he implied by his remarks.

Antony Cotton would tweet images of his different breakfast, lunch & & supper foods.
( Image: Twitter).

” Certainly wasnt a reply to somebody who mentioned him, as you can see from my timeline. Im truly not that childish.”.

Marcus and Sean returned together then broke up once again.
( Image: ITV).

Marcus exit in 2014 followed a dreadful affair with Todd Grimshaw, played by Bruno Langley.

” My tweet had absolutely nothing at all to do with Antony and my remark about nobody providing a s ** t,” he wrote.

Maria went into a downward spiral of destruction when Marcus and Todd began a relationship.

When horrified Marcus discovered Todd kissing another man, he realised there was nothing left for him in Weatherfield and chose to leave for excellent.

Marcus relationship with Maria ended in ravaging fashion when she caught him having sex with Todd Grimshaw.

Taking to Twitter, he composed: “Taking my cue from @BridgLondon, whos the best superstar youve fulfilled? And whos the nastiest?

Previous Corrie star Vicky Entwistle, who played Janice Battersby on the soap, replied:” [4 chuckling emojis] I understand!!!! X”.

Some recommended that he might have been referring to Antony Cotton, however Condou has not validated or rejected who he is referencing.

Amateur detectives have been desperately trying to exercise who he could be describing.

The Mirror has actually connected to agents of Antony Cotton for remark.

Numerous people in the replies hypothesized that it was a Corrie cast member.

” Nastiest – somebody I had to deal with closely for a long period of time …”.

” Nicest – Viggo Mortensen was the absolute finest when I worked with him.

Charlie Condou posted a very puzzling tweet.
( Image: Dave Benett/Getty Images).

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