Dancing on Ice star Rufus Hound divides viewers after making show about politics – Daily Record

Another included: “Nice one Rufus Hound! Highlighting the Tories for their disgraceful approach to the UKs hungry kids on a light home entertainment program seen by millions. Get in there!”.

The 41-year-old replied: “Mate, we live in a world where individuals we elect do not want to feed hungry children.

A fourth included: “Rufus Hound tossing shade at the federal government over the complimentary school meals service has made my night #dancingonice.”.

” Rufus Hound, just take the crown now! #DancingOnIce,” a third stated.

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Rufus Hound got the Golden Ticket on the show.
( Image: ITV).

And his action divided viewers.

Others applauded him for his words.

After coming off the ice, Hound received a golden ticket – a brand-new element of the program which will see a star and their partner go straight through to the next week – as the judges applauded his performace.

Host Phillip Schofield asked Rufus how he felt on winning the free pass and if he ever pictured being stood on ice, crying over a golden ticket.

The comic took to the ice to perform an enjoyable, high energy routine with his professional partner Robin as the very first program of the series aired.

” We reside in a world where the people we choose dont want to feed hungry children Rufus making DOI iiiiii and political love it #DancingOnIce,” commented one.

” Rufus Hound, what a disappointment with his Political Statement on #DancingOnIce. FFS cant performers adhere to amusing for simply 5 minutes.”.

Rufus Hound with his dance partner on the program
( Image: ITV).

Another raved: “Thats it turned it directly off … Put Netflix on IM SICK TO DEATH OF ALL THESE POLITICAL REMARKS ITS SPOILING THE VIEWING RUFUS WHAT AN IDIOT. spoilt the entire series now I wont be seeing it #dancingonice.”.

Dancing On Ice candidate Rufus Hound caused controversy on Sunday nights show after claims he was making it about politics.

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” #dancingonice Rufus seriously can we not just view light entertainment without politics,” one fumed.

” This (routine) is the least crazy thing.”.

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