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Competitive Gaming
Such was the popularity of Fortnite that some 12 months after its preliminary release, the free-to-play battle royale title took its first dip into the competitive gaming world.
Whilst the debut occasion– the Summer Skirmish of July 2018– was ruined by a series of latency and connection concerns, the foundations were laid for Epic Games to move onto larger and better occasions. And they did exactly that.

When Fortnite initially struck the gaming world back in July 2017, few couldve predicted the global phenomenon that it would end up being.
But quick forward 3 years and thats precisely what it has ended up being, however at what expense?

BUGHA! The 2019 FWC winner filched a cool $3M in winnings!

What did it mean for the daily Joe who delighted in a journey on the Battle Bus to the Fortnite world?
Too CompetitiveWhen Fortnite initially hit the gaming world back, the very best method to win was to camp in a bush and hope you didnt get found.
Thats near on impossible now.

Regional tournaments and qualifications soon became the norm in the Fortnite World, with the 2019 Fortnite World Cup the peak of competitive Battle Royale titles so far.

SKRIMISH! Fortnite has actually come a long method since the Summer Skirmish!

You anticipate that sort of gap in the similarity Call of Duty or Halo, however numerous had hoped that Fortnite would take a various approach.
But how can Epic Games find a fair balance in between casual and competitive?
OG Fortnite
The initial Fortnite map was bliss.
Acres upon acres of green lawn, thirteen called locations – including two farms and a lake – and, most importantly, a friendly atmosphere with a visible absence of ability to construct.

It was a time way prior to the fabled Tilted Towers, where hiding in bushes might win you a match and where the finest dance move provided by Epic Games was the Take the L.
We d like for Fortnite to generate a choice to throwback to old maps such as the OG Season One map, with the material count changed accordingly.
This would enable gamers to select the map that fit them and whilst players would still have the ability to perform at a high level in their throwback maps, they wouldnt require to be Michaelangelo to get a win or more.

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