Korg’s ARP 2600 M is a downsized remake of the classic semi-modular synth – MusicRadar

The synth does not come with a keyboard but you can plug in any class-compliant MIDI controller.
Find out more on the Korg site. Cost and release date are TBC..

Were hoping that the ARP 2600 M should solve all of these issues. This is available in at a more manageable 60% of the originals size, making it lighter and more portable, and were hoping that itll be more easily available than its huge brother.

GEAR 2021: Korgs ARP 2600 FS was a genuine and caring reboot of the popular old synth, but it wasnt for everybody. For a start, it was huge, and then there was the eye-watering cost. Oh, and excellent luck acquiring one, too.

– NAMM 2021 is cancelled, but well be covering all the huge January equipment statements right here on MusicRadar.
Inside, though, youve got the exact same analogy circuitry as the ARP 2600 FS, so it should sound just as good. There is a minor difference with the spring reverb – its been re-engineered and adapted to the smaller body size – however were assured the very same lavish quality of effect.
The ARP 2600 M is a real sonic play ground, with oscillators, envelopes, a filter and an amplifier that can be patched together. Other features include ring modulation, lag and voltage processors, an envelope follower, audio preamp, a clock-able switch, sound source, a sample-and-hold module, signal inverters, an auxiliary mixer, and a set of parallel-wired/multi jacks.

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