Novitec’s Ferrari F8 looks… actually quite good – Top Gear

Novitec is a rarity amongst German tuning companies. Numerous will not even contemplate showing up a supercars turbos and fitting a shouty exhaust without likewise equipping it with an excessive carbon-fibre bodykit. Novitec will do that if you desire, naturally, however it tends to take a more subtle method.

When it comes to performance– Novitec has turned the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 as much as 662lb and 791bhp feet of torque, boosts of 81bhp and 94lb ft over standard. 0-62mph takes a no doubt grip-limited 2.6 seconds (0.3 secs much faster than standard), and the leading speed is stated to be “more than 211mph”.

Other mechanical modifications consist of an Inconel exhaust and a 35mm suspension drop. This specific cars and trucks interior looks standard, however Novitec promises there are “numerous alternatives” to suit the owners “personal preferences”.

Take the businesss brand-new customized Ferrari F8 Tributo and its “naked-carbon aerodynamic improvement package”. Whether the subtle add-ons and sensible spoiler offer any tangible aerodynamic advantage is next to the point– we think this thing looks ace, especially with those gold-painted Vossen alloys (21-inches at the front, 22s at the back). We need not have stressed..

Do you like the appearance of Novitecs F8 too, or have we gone a bit mad?

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