Random: Brie Larson Doesnt Want To Be The Clown Villager From Animal Crossing – Nintendo Life

Pietro is a dissentious chap. His house in New Leaf appeared like a murder-carnival, and his description on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp states that many people are “sneaked out by his whole offer”. Yet, he still has his fans, and they like him quite, even if the remainder of the world does not.

Brie Larson is not one of those fans. In a recent video on her YouTube channel, Ms Larson took a lot of online quizzes to read more about herself. Obviously, learning more about herself was a mistake, because this Buzzfeed test informed her that her Animal Crossing character was none besides the liked and disliked clown-sheep.

” I just didnt understand that my true form looked like that.”

In another test, about basic Nintendo trivia, she got five out of 5, including concerns about Tomodachi Life and Ocarina of Time. We d welcome you to hang out, Brie, however we do not hang out with Pietros.

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