Random: Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Fan Restores Unused Shrine Hidden In The Games Files – Nintendo Life

Seeing an empty design template Shrine readily offered in the video games files has us pondering the possibility of a Super Mario Maker-style Shrine builder, similar to Zelda: Links Awakenings dungeon editor. Picture if gamers might design their own Shrines and puzzles in Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2!

No, lets not get ahead of ourselves …

Were used to seeing brand brand-new techniques and tricks being found in Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a surprisingly regular basis, but heres something a little different.
Zelda fan and modder Waikuteru has been digging around in the games files, cooking up a visible, playable variation of a Shrine that didnt make it into the final video game. As Waikuteru describes in the video listed below, the 136 Shrines readily available across the base video game and its DLC are listed as Dungeon000 to Dungeon135, however theres likewise a secret Dungeon136 to be found.
As you can see when the Shrine is loaded, it appears to be some type of base model utilized for advancement purposes and handles the kind of a Blessing Shrine; Waikuteru hypothesizes that it was likely a template that could be utilized to build brand-new Shrines in the game.

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