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In a Q&A post on the businesss mobile press page, Patrick Chomet, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Office at Samsung, said the following:
” We believe that the gradual elimination of charger plugs and earphones from our in-box gadget packaging can help address sustainable consumption concerns and eliminate any pressure that customers might feel towards continually getting unnecessary battery charger accessories with brand-new phones.”

A gradual modification
From that it seems like the objective is ultimately to no longer consist of a charging plug or earphones with any Samsung phone– or any other relevant Samsung devices either. The reference of this being a “steady elimination” recommends it wont be an abrupt modification.
To put it simply, some future Samsung phones probably will still have one or both of those things in package, but others most likely will not, and with time theyll end up being less common.

Samsung likewise provided reasons for their elimination, describing that a lot of its consumers are recycling their old devices, which no longer consisting of a charging plug or earphones is more ecologically sustainable. The company also notes that its been including standardized USB-C charging ports since 2017, meaning that older chargers will still deal with more recent Samsung Galaxy devices.
As for which upcoming phones will keep or lose their earphones and battery chargers, we can just truly hypothesize in the meantime, but its most likely at the minimum that the Samsung Galaxy S22 variety wont have these things in the box, considering that the S21 variety doesnt.

One change Samsung made for the Samsung Galaxy S21 range wasnt an addition however a loss, as its not consisting of charging plugs or earphones in package, and the company has now validated that this modification will not be restricted to the Galaxy S21 range.

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