This Morning’s Dr Zoe Williams, 40, is pregnant after fearing she would never become a mum – The Sun

The Suns GP and Fabulous Columnist, never ever believed she would become a mum and even considered going it alone until she fulfilled her partner, Stuart McKay.

TODAYs Dr Zoe Williams has revealed the amazing news she is pregnant with her first child.


Todays Dr Zoe Williams is pregnant with her very first childCredit: Olivia West – The Sun

” As a medical professional none of this is new to me, but when youre the client the experience is the exact same when it comes to anybody else,” Zoe explained.

She exposed that although shes a doctor who understands the ropes, it still is an extremely unique experience to be a very first time mum.

Zoe, 40, had actually thought of going the IVF route before meeting Stuart 2 years back and exposed fortunately in Hello!.

” There are 2 huge aspirations I always had in life– one was to be a doctor and the other was to be a mother,” stated Zoe who offers medical discuss ITVs This Morning and works as a GP in South London.


She had begun checking out getting IVF so that she could have a child by herselfCredit: Rex Features


Then she fulfilled Stuart McKay in Portugal in 2019Credit: Instagram

” As Stuart and I was familiar with each other it almost felt incorrect and disingenuous not to discuss this thing that, in the months leading up to that, had actually been a really huge part of my life.

Till a chance meeting at a bar in Portugal in 2019, Zoe had begun seriously thinking about finding a sperm donor to have an infant alone.

” Having my scan was just the most amazing thing. Its so magical, the wonder of seeing this little life thats growing inside you.”

” When I met Stuart I was considering having a baby on my own,” she stated.


She needed to ask him early on if he had an interest in having kids if their relationship was to get seriousCredit: Instagram

Stuart was just as keen to begin a household as Zoe: “I told her she should have a back-up and keep investigating her options but at the same time I said I believed it would work out in between us and, if it did, I would enjoy to have kids with her.”

Zoe who rose to fame on the current version of the Sky show, Gladiators also offered at Londons Nightingale Hospital in the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

” If I could go back two years and speak with myself and state that by January 2021 you will have satisfied the love of your life, be pregnant and youll have invested the majority of the year in lockdown I would have said you are having a laugh,” Zoe stated.

” So on our fourth or 3rd date I informed him I needed to know what his intents were if our relationship exercised.”


But Stuart was absolutely eager to move on with beginning a familyCredit: Instagram

Zoe features on This Morning in her capability as medical professional.

On its site This Morning says: “GP Dr Zoe is on call to give a Second Opinion and to have a look at the reality behind the days Health Headlines.”


Dr Zoe works as a GP in south London and likewise volunteered at the Nightingale Hospital at the start of the coronavirus pandemicCredit: Rex Features


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She also confided that the proudest minute in her life was: “The very first time I delivered a child and had the honour of naming her.”

Zoe used to be a contestant on Gladiators, however Sky bosses liked her a lot, they offered her an area as a Gladiator instead, naming her Amazon.

She featured in the second season of the program and was referred to as: “Regal and Amazonian, natures powerful force goes through her veins.”

Zoe was the “green Gladiator” which indicated she was the face of Skys green campaign and an ambassador for eco-friendly lifestyle options.

Dr Zoe informs This Morning shes getting evaluated for bowel cancer after change in toilet routines

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