Vernon Kay secretly surprised Tess Daly with romantic vow renewal on 10th anniversary – Mirror Online

Tess Daly has opened up about how her spouse Vernon Kay amazed her by arranging for them to renew their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary.

The couple got married back in 2003, and managed to kept their vow renewal trick for nearly a decade until Vernon divided the beans during his stint on Im A Celebrity last year.

Tess and Vernon went on to end up being parents to two children.
( Image: Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror).

Tess added of the wedding: “It was all a surprise and I simply kept pinching myself throughout the day thinking, Is this all really taking place? He arranged all that without my understanding.”.

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They left their wedding in a camper van.
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Tess and Vernon are still taken with each other.

Tess was delighted with the gowns he d flown over and said she felt “like a million dollars in my stunning white Gucci gown”.

Along with flying the remainder of the family out to the resort without her understanding, Vernon likewise arranged to have 3 white bridal gown provided so Tess could take her choice.

” He said, Were just going to restore our swears, Ive arranged it. Ive found a catholic priest..

She said: “The very first night [in the south of France] we consumed and had a beautiful supper Champagne, we toasted the sunset and 10 years of marriage.

If he wants to top his previous surprise, the couple will celebrate their 20th wedding event anniversary in 2023 and Tess admitted Vernon will have to go all out.

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” I believed the kids were at house and the grandparents were looking after them for the weekend. Vernon had actually organized for all of them to fly over. I could not believe it.”.

Vernon had gotten in touch with Tess stylist for help selecting the dresses to ensure they would fit her and would be styles she approved of.

She then had 30 minutes to do her hair and cosmetics prior to satisfying Vernon and the rest of the household in the hotel bar prior to they went to a chapel for the ceremony.

” The next day we woke up, Vernon shocked me. I opened my anniversary card and it stated, Today we are going to restore our promises..

The couples 2 children remained in bridesmaids gowns and Vernon had actually even flown over Tess mum, his parents and his sibling, who lives in Dubai.

Speaking with Hello! publication, Tess explained she had no idea what he had actually depended on.

Tess, 51, has now shared the details of the wedding, exposing the couple had flown to the South of France for a weekend away – and he d organized the vow renewal ceremony as a surprise.

” I believed the kids were at home and the grandparents were looking after them for the weekend. Vernon had actually organized for all of them to fly over.

Tess Daly and Vernon Kay got married in September 2003
( Image: Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror).

Vernon and Tess have been wed for 18 years.
( Image: Dave Benett/Getty Images).

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