Viking crafting game Valheim lands in early access in February – Rock Paper Shotgun

Once youve crafted some equipment and perhaps a longboat or 2, Valheim will send you off to eliminate such beasties as hordes of skeletons, tree monsters, and substantial, wicked deer. You wont need to go it alone, either. With pals at hand, you can work on developing a settlement of mead farms, ships, and halls. Valheim will let you host a multiplayer session or, if youve got the know-how, spin up your own server for persistent viking purgatory.
Iron Gate say that theyre expecting Valheim to be in early gain access to for a minimum of a year. During that time theyll be adding extra products to craft, brand-new enemies and managers, new biomes, and more.
You can find Valheim over on Steam where it will land in early gain access to on February 2nd.

“Besieged by creatures of mayhem and ancient enemies of the gods, you are the most recent custodian of the primordial purgatory, entrusted with slaying Odins ancient rivals and bringing order to Valheim,” say the creators. Prior to you go stomping around attacking and dismissing gods however, I suspect– as evidenced by the shot up top– that youll begin your adventure with chopping down trees. Sure enough, area a bit of lumber cutting in Valheims brand-new trailer below. See out though, it looks like falling trees can in fact eliminate you.

Oh yes, theres another early gain access to crafting survival video game on the horizon but hey, this one has vikings. In this Rust em up called Valheim youll be taking a house for yourself in a “procedurally-generated purgatory” filled with supernatural baddies influenced by norse legend. Iron Gates multiplayer viking romp is storming into early gain access to early next month on February 2nd.

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