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No more fogged glasses! Chef shares creative mask hack that lastly stops lenses steaming up

The 42-year-old published her video on TikTok, which has actually acquired over 25,100 likes, leaving users in shock at the easy hack.
A single person stated: Thanks for this, my glasses always steamed up I couldnt see..
Another person added: Bet this pointer will assist sooo many individuals..

The mother-of-three showed how she twisted completions of the mask within out (left) before it was prepared to wear (right).

Maria Louise Agbaegbu, 42, from Sheffield, shared her fantastic hack to stop your face mask from steaming up your glasses (right). She started by folding the mask in two (left).

Maria said it took her a year to find a hack that would allow her to still wear her prescription glasses with a mask without being pestered by steam. (imagined: pulling on the masks strings).

To show off her workmanship, the mum-of-two places on the mask and her glasses, before greatly breathing in and out, informing the video camera: My glasses dont steam out! Split it mate, its only took me nearly a year however I broke it..
Maria had initially found the trick shared by another Facebook user and chose to try it for herself.

Shortsighted chef Maria stated she found the hack on Facebook and believed shes share it with more people on TikTok.

In the video, which has because gone viral, Maria can be seen folding the mask (left) before pulling its strings (right).

A mother-of-three has actually created a smart method to stop her glasses from misting up while using a mask.
Maria Louise Agbaegbu, 42, from Sheffield, works full-time as a chef and wears prescription glasses routinely since she experiences short-sightedness.
When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the mum-of-three was faced with big problem– with her glasses fogging up whenever she wore a face mask.
Maria chose to take matters into her own hands and solve the problem as soon as and for all.
In a short video clip shared on TikTok, the mum demonstrates step-by-step guidelines on how to never have foggy glasses ever again, and all it takes is connecting 2 knots and doing a fast fold to make the mask fit tighter on your confront with no spaces..

In the video, Maria can be seen very first folding her mask in half, prior to making a knot in the elastic straps on both near to the material of the mask, making the straps shorter..
She then pulls the mask apart and adjusts the pliable strip across the leading so that it will fit over your nose..
Maria then turns the corner at the external edges of the mask near the knots completely, developing a smaller mask that fits on the face with no spaces..

A 3rd person wrote: I am partially blind and they will assist me up a lot..
Maria said: My main concern of wearing a mask is that I am a chef and I constantly use my glasses.
I saw this hack on Facebook and it was a lifesaver for me so I thought I would share it on TikTok.
I would enjoy to describe it to any person if I was ever approached on how to do it..

Maria Louise Agbaegbu, from Sheffield shared her fantastic mask hack on TikTok
The chef and mum-of-three always fogged her glasses when she put a mask on.
She folds the mask in two and twists the strings and turns corner completely.
Thanks to this trick, she can wear a mask without steaming her glasses.

The chef unfolded the mask (right) and after that put the mask on, keeping the strings and the side twisted (right).

By Claire Toureille For Mailonline.
Published: 15:38, 19 January 2021|Updated: 16:15, 19 January 2021.

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Ta da! Maria demonstrated how the twisted side of her mask need to look like if you; ve properly completed the hack (pictured).

The mother-of-three adjusted the mask to her face (left) ensuring it was securely placed on and changed the pliable strip (right).

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