Corries missing Ray Crosby murdered by accomplice Debbie after Abi death horror? – Mirror Online

His accomplice Debbie Webster turns versus him however, and it is yet to be exposed whether Abi endures her experience.

What is hinted at though as that Debbie might murder her ex Ray, with it clear she is hiding something about his disappearance in the coming episodes.

The character is questioned by cops and citizens next week about Abis collapse, while spoilers hide her fate.

The baddie appears to try to eliminate Abi Franklin in upcoming scenes this week, as his real criminal activities are set to be exposed.

Coronation Street spoilers have confirmed bad guy Ray Crosby goes missing next week.

Has Debbie Webster eliminated Ray Crosby on Corrie?

Debbie also denies understanding that Ray attempted to rape Faye Windass, with her also distancing herself from the scenario with Abi.

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Abi and Rays fates are not yet validated.

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As news spreads that the development has actually been cancelled, Ray is still nowhere to be found.

Debbie faces the angry residents, who are still trying to conserve their houses after Ray fooled them out of them prior to planning to destroy them.

Debbie claims she discovered her unconscious and called for aid, thinking she had actually suffered a drug overdose – however she stops working to mention seeing Ray.

Shes likewise grilled over the whereabouts of Ray, after he suddenly vanishes into thin air.

Coronation Street spoilers have actually verified villain Ray Crosby goes missing out on next week
( Image: ITV).

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She claims to understand absolutely nothing about him paying off the planning committee to get the consent they required.

The police quickly realise Debbie was the one who called for an ambulance to assist Abi, with her forced to expose why she was at The Bistro where she was discovered.

With Ray still a no-show, what has occurred to him and has she gotten rid of him?

Crowning Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm on ITV.

She does tell the homeowners previously on in the week that she “did what she had to in order to stop Ray”.

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