GTA 6 could feature smarter NPCs thanks to newly uncovered Rockstar patent – VG247

A new Take-Two patent has been discovered that appears based upon improving the intelligence and navigation abilities of AI.

The patent keeps in mind that “traditional systems only offer minimal resources” for developers that want to occupy their worlds with active elements. Think about the pedestrians you see strolling down the street, the vehicles you see on the roads– even cars you see flying overhead. They run on scripts that permit only a restricted variety of circumstances to be active in-game at any one time. NPCs typically all drive at the exact same speed, follow the exact same paths, and do the exact same things.
Rockstar thinks these existing systems are ” deficient” and wants to rather enable systems that produce “a sensible virtual world that is not limited by hardware or software constraints.”
The recommended system in the patent, then, points towards an NPC solution that provides characters various personalities. Maybe an NPC in a specific type of car will deliberately take side roadways to prevent traffic congestion. Perhaps another, who isnt as confident a driver, will move much slower once the sun decreases at nights.
Naturally, theres no recommendation that this is certainly connected to GTA 6 at the time of writing; Rockstar has barely even acknowledged the video game exists. But referrals to a “high-speed chase”, “ambient traffic” and so on suggests were taking a look at something more modern here. Not– for arguments sake– Red Dead Redemption 3, or similar.

The patent, which signs up a “system and method for virtual navigation in a gaming environment” has been posted on Reddit in the last couple of days, though the real file was initially filed by Rockstars parent business, Take-Two, back in October 2020.
In the most basic terms possible, the patent is geared at making non-player characters (thats NPCs, for brief) artificial intelligence a little smarter and more natural, in an attempt to move away from current AI options that are starting to feel a little out-dated.

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The patent is submitted under the parent company, but the names connected to the patent as developers are Rockstar North tech director David Hynd and AI lead Simon Parr. This is definitely something the studio is looking at when it comes to next-gen open-world titles.
Though Rockstar stays tight-lipped about whatever the hell its dealing with next, we have had reports that the next GTA early in advancement and will be smaller in scale compared to previous Rockstar video games.
Somewhere else, Take-Two marketing budget seems to indicate that GTA 6 might launch in 2023 and a GTA Online race seemed to point to Vice City for GTA 6 back in 2020.
Simply keep in mind, formally, GTA 6 doesnt even exist.

The patent keeps in mind that “standard systems just provide restricted resources” for developers that desire to populate their worlds with active elements. Believe about the pedestrians you see walking down the street, the cars and trucks you see on the roads– even vehicles you see flying overhead. The recommended system in the patent, then, points towards an NPC option that offers characters various personalities. Of course, theres no suggestion that this is definitely linked to GTA 6 at the time of composing; Rockstar has barely even acknowledged the game exists.

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