Holly Willoughby winces in horror as UK’s most tattooed woman reveals inking in ‘intimate area’ on This Morni – The Sun

The TELEVISION presenter, 39, and co-host Phillip, 58, spoke with Becky Holt, a lady who has 95 per cent of her skin covered in inkings.

HOLLY Willoughby recoiled in horror as the UKs most tattooed woman confessed to having ink on her “intimate area” throughout a Today sector previously today.


Holly Willoughby couldnt believe her ears when Becky Holt exposed the places on her body that have been tattooed by artists Credit: ITV


Becky Holt, the UKs most tattooed woman, appeared on This Morning previously todayCredit: Rex Features

Phillip asked if Becky might show a few of her favourites on electronic camera and she began to lie flat on the couch with her legs up in the air to reveal her complete body.

The mum-of-one, who provided birth to her first child Aurora Forrest in December in 2015, explained that her obsession started when she was simply 15 years of ages after she got a partners name on her crotch.

Becky, who has her own YouTube channel, Admire Me account and OnlyFans, has actually considering that been inked more than 100 times, covering almost every inch of her skin.

She continued to cover her body with beautiful covert styles until she struck 22, when she then decided to get her very first big declaration piece on her leg that people might see.


Holly and Phillip were extremely interested in how her fixation first startedCredit: Rex Features


Becky has completely transformed her lookCredit: Caters News Agency


The mum-of-one has now entirely covered her body in inkCredit: Caters News Agency

The inked charm, who boasts 35,700 fans on Instagram, replied: “So the most uncomfortable was my armpit. Ive had both of my underarms tattooed. This I remained in tears. It was awful!

The presenters both gazed back in complete shock and Holly responded: “Ouch!”.

” You cant see it now however Ive got my ribs done. Ive got all my crotch, all my intimates are done.

In total awe of her designs, Holly said: “Oh my god, amazing. Does it injured?! Where was the most unpleasant part?”


Holly and Phillip could not think their ears when Becky stated she had her “intimate location” inkedCredit: Rex Features.


Becky confessed that her armpits, ribs and intimate area hurt the most Credit: Caters News Agency.


Becky has been crowned the UKs most tattooed female Credit: Caters News Agency.

She went on to giggle: “I might just hear groans coming from the team, literally them going ooh, ow.”.

Becky continued: “I will support her choice, when shes old enough I will take her to the very best artist in the UK so she does not need to keep it a secret from me.

” Well shes not having a sweetheart for start,” she joked.

Phillip went on to ask what shell state to her child girl when shes older and asks her mum if shes enabled to get her boyfiends name tattooed on her.


Becky recently brought to life her daughter Aurora ForrestCredit: Caters News Agency.


She informed Phillip and Holly: “People were really actually impolite to me when I had tattoos.

” Ill ensure that she goes to a truly, truly good artist and gets a fantastic excellent quality ink from someone that I understand and trust.”.

The mum admitted that shell take her daughter to the very best tattoo artist if she ever wants oneCredit: Caters News Agency.

” I think people believe its quite thuggish and theyre a bit daunted by people who are greatly covered in ink.

Becky also spoke up about a recent social experiment she did, where she went and asked for help with both tattoos and no tattoos to see how people would respond to her.


Becky admitted she will not go any even more in on her face as itll destroy her ascetic Credit: Caters News Agency.


Lots of viewers required to Twitter to appreciate her unique appearance.

One composed: “Think the woman looks incredible and absolutely spectacular and she pulls it off so well. I have 20 tattoos myself and would like something like that.”.


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A third chimed in: “I personally believe she looks great with the tattoos. Its her body let her do what she desires. Does anybody criticise you for things you do to your body? Tattoos? Piercings? #ThisMorning.”.

Becky has slowly covered her whole body in tattoos considering that the age of 15Credit: Caters News Agency.

She included: “” Its my body and its my choice. if people dont like it, you know theres nothing I can truly do about it. You cant be liked by everyone. “.

” So yeah it was rather fascinating to see the reaction that people provided me!”.

Another stated: “@thismorning the girl with the tattoos looks definitely stunning! Pity she gets a lot abuse for being who she wants to be.”.

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A 4th included: “Beautiful girl with the tattoos. As long as shes happy, thats all that matters. #ThisMorning.”.

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The inked charm, who boasts 35,700 fans on Instagram, replied: “So the most unpleasant was my underarm. Ive had both of my underarms tattooed. Ive got all my crotch, all my intimates are done. A 3rd chimed in: “I personally think she looks good with the tattoos. A 4th included: “Beautiful lady with the tattoos.

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