Loose Women: Tyson Fury’s wife Paris criticised for saying she’d be ‘quite pleased’ if her pet dog died – The Independent

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” I simply havent got the time to devote to this puppy dog. Im the one who has been lumbered with the dog. I just do not have that connection.”
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Furys remarks left many viewers angry and stunned..
One viewer called her comments “disgraceful” with another stating she ought to give her canine to “someone who d appreciate it”.

” As somebody that would do anything to have their beloved little soul mate back, Im appalled by her utter lack of compassion!” another person composed.
Someone else included: “Made me ill when I heard what she needed to state!!”.

” What a disgusting thing to say Paris,” one other audience composed on Twitter. “Your stunning dog should have love, not tolerance.”.

” I know it sounds vicious but I would not be so awry,” she informed panellists Charlene White, Jane Street-Porter and Linda Robson.
Fury, who has five kids, continued: “I know I shouldnt but I have 5 peeing pooping devices in your home, then Ive got the dog, and Ive got to feed them all, clean them all, stroll them all.

Independent Culture Newsletter.
The finest in film, music TV & & radio straight to your inbox every week.

” I simply havent got the time to commit to this pup canine. Im the one who has actually been lumbered with the pet. I just do not have that connection.”

Loose Women viewers are criticising Tyson Furys spouse Paris for saying she d “be quite pleased” if her pet dog died.
Audiences of the ITV program were left stunned when Fury, 30, appeared on the panel and, during a conversation about family pet bereavement, said of her dog, Minnie: “I d really be quite happy for her to be gone because shes simply another issue in the house.”

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