Loose Women viewers horrified as Paris Fury says she wouldn’t care if her dog died – The Sun

LOOSE Women fans were frightened on Tuesday when Paris Fury said she would be “pleased” if her canine died.

The 30-year-old appeared on the programme as they talked about pet bereavement, informing panellist Charlene White it would not be a “aching miss” if her sweet pooch Minnie was no longer around.


Paris Fury told viewers she would not care if pet Minnie diedCredit: Rex Features

” Then Ive got to feed them all, walk them all, clean them all … I simply do not have the time to dedicate to this pup pet.

Mum-of-five Paris stunned viewers of the ITV program when she dubbed the dog “another issue in the home” she wouldnt mind eliminating.

” The pet dog is here and if the dog was gone, I understand it sounds vicious, but it wouldnt be a sore miss,” boxer Tyson Furys better half described.

” I d really be rather happy since shes simply another problem in your home. Ive got five peeing, pooping machines in my house and after that Ive got the canine whos a peeing, pooping machine.


Viewers were frightened as Paris she felt “lumbered” with the pet dog


The mum-of-five described her children as “peeing, pooping makers” Credit: Refer to Caption

Fans of the program were fast to get on social networks to criticise the star, saying her “disgraceful” remarks totally horrified them.

” As somebody that would do anything to have their precious little soul mate back, I am appalled by her utter lack of compassion,” wrote one lady.

” The kids are too young to do all of it and what we stated in the past, Im the one whos been lumbered with the dog.”

Another agreed: “If she didnt desire a canine they why did she get it? Nasty cow. She doesnt should have that animal.”


Fans required to social networks to knock the boxers wifeCredit: Rex Features


Paris is married to fighter Tyson FuryCredit: Rex Features

The section saw host Charlene describe she had never ever formed a close connection with an animal the way other panellists had.

” Did Paris Fury in fact just say she will be pleased when her dog is dead? What a vile declaration,” a third chimed in. “Give that pet dog to someone who will value it.”

Speaking to Paris, who is mum to Prince Adonis Amaziah, 1, Valencia Amber, 2, Prince Tyson II, 3, Prince John James, 7, and Venezuela, 10, Charlene said: “You and I are really comparable.

” Your gorgeous pet dog should have love, not tolerance,” struck back a fourth, with another saying: “You should not have a pet then, Paris. Disgusting.”


The mum admitted she didnt have a “connection” with the dogCredit: parisfury1/Instagram

” And I do not always understand it. Youve got a family pet now, do you understand when individuals are so close to their pet and see them as company and another liked one in their household?”


” Neither people matured with animals in the home, so the connection some individuals have with animals, I do not personally have experience of.

Paris reacted: “I comprehend that they enjoy their pet dogs, particularly when its somebody who remains in a quiet home.

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However, she concluded that she simply “didnt have that connection” with pooch Minnie.

” If youre in a peaceful home with a couple of persons and the canine, that is a whole part of your life, and a big part of your life.

” If they lost the pet dog, it would be like losing an arm. It would be a truly big thing for them.”

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Another concurred: “If she didnt desire a pet they why did she get it? She does not be worthy of that animal.”

” Did Paris Fury in fact simply say she will be pleased when her dog is dead? What a disgusting declaration,” a 3rd chimed in. “Give that canine to someone who will appreciate it.”

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