Microsoft Reportedly Seeking To Acquire Big Names For Future Buyouts – Pure Xbox

We wouldnt be shocked if Microsoft was aiming to decrease purchasing more companies for its Xbox Game Studios department, especially after in 2015s huge statement that it was acquiring ZeniMax Media, that included market titans such as Bethesda. After this, we are curious to see what Microsoft might have planned going forward. Whatever the result, were sure 2021 is going to be a huge year for Xbox fans.
Exist any designers you could see being gotten by Microsoft? Let us understand in the remarks below.

It appears the acquisition train has no efforts at decreasing as a reporter has recently declared that the company is wanting to acquire more buyouts, in addition to Amazon and Google getting in the fold.
According to BWWMediaGroups executive editor Brad Sams current YouTube video covering the weeks events in the Microsoft world, hes stated that “there are some big market names out there being approached by Microsoft”. Its claimed that “theres a lot of moving things going on right now” in regards to acquisitions.
The segment starts at 12 minutes in and has actually been transcribed by the fantastic individuals at VGC (thanks!):.

Its hard to see which companies are going to get nabbed up and by what vendors … however I can tell you there are some huge market names out there being approached by Microsoft included, but then you also have Amazon, and you likewise have Google. Sony is part of the discussion, but it does not appear to be as much as Google and Amazon are when Microsoft enters the fold.

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