Mum who lived for the weekend almost lost her life to addiction – Liverpool Echo

The mum of 2 has fearlessly shared her story in the hope of helping others, alerting that “its not normal to binge beverage and take drugs” on the weekend.

She stated: “When I was presented to that style of lifestyle while I was in dance college, it came hand in hand. We were out nearly every other night, whether thats mad Wednesdays, or student Thursdays, and it was ₤ 1 a drink.”

A lady who said she used to “live for the weekend” has actually opened up about how addiction practically robbed her of her life.

” My career started slipping through my fingers. From the age of 17 I was passing away with a hangover in college, however partying on the weekend and it advanced gradually.”

Zoe Hesketh, from Dovecot, said it took her years to realise she had a problem after saying she would work through the week, but drink heavily on the weekends.

The 29-year-old said alcohol “gripped” her and made her “warped by dependency” after she first began heading out when she was 17.

Zoe said she began drinking while she remained in dance college, training to be an expert dancer.

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She said: “From a young age drink and drugs were a massive part of my life. Ive constantly worked throughout all my life, however on a weekend it was constantly party time and going out.

Zoe went on to work as a nursery specialist, however said she still continued to consume greatly on the weekends.

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” As the years went by it advanced and progressed. I was a binge drinker however I thought thats just what everyone was doing in Liverpool on the weekend – thats how I was validating my drinking.

” My mental health was entirely stunning, I was simply paralyzed with alcohol addiction and I didnt know what was wrong with me. I didnt understand why when I put one drink in me I could not stop.”

” I didnt realise why I couldnt stop when I had that first drink which led on to taking other substances.

” I might put the beverage down but I would end up being like a star. Everyone around me was so surprised when I came out and stated Im in healing.

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If you are suffering from problems with alcohol, there are numerous helplines which may be able to support you.

” If you need to have a beverage, if the obsession for that beverage is more powerful than anything in your life, then youve got an issue. Youve got an issue if you need to consume or take drugs.

In May 2019, Zoe said she reached rock bottom and stated she feared losing either her children or her life. She said: “My children were always well looked after, but I wasnt present for them. The beverage was more powerful for me.”

Its totally free, simple and takes no time at all at all.

She said “everything was stripped away” from her and she began the healing process.

She said: “People are made to think its fine to have a drink and have a line of drug, but that isnt regular simply since everyone is doing it. You need to break that mould and I believe thats what Ive done and I wish to spread out that message of hope onto others.

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” Fast forward 10 years and youll be in my position where it will either eliminate you, or youll be crawling into recovery like I did.”

” Its a progressive health problem and I wish to break that mould for young individuals who are beginning, drinking and believing its alright to take drugs on the weekend.

Talk to FRANK

When youre there, put your email address where it states at the top, then click on the Echo Daily News button. In May 2019, Zoe said she reached rock bottom and said she feared losing either her kids or her life. She stated: “My children were constantly well looked after, but I wasnt present for them.

Freephone: 0300 123 6600.

” I might put the drink down but I would become like an actor. Everybody around me was so stunned when I came out and said Im in recovery.

Zoe Heskeths kids, Bobby and Bella Whinn, in front of her fitness studio.
( Image: Zoe Hesketh).

You can call FRANK anytime and speak to a friendly adviser whos expertly trained to provide you directly, impartial details about alcohol and drugs.


She stated: “Recovery has offered me a life beyond my wildest dreams and I want people to know they dont need to suffer in silence. Its all right not to be okay and that there is a world out there in recovery to get you out of the darkness.

Its absolutely private– we will not ask for your name or repeat your conversation with others.

Offers advice and info for people fretted about their own drinking, and assistance to the household and good friends of people who are drinking.

She said she desires to let other individuals in recovery know they are “not alone” and said that even though were in a pandemic, assistance is available for those who need it.

” Youre not alone. Dependency and alcohol addiction desires you isolated, it desires you dead whichs the only location it will take you to. However healing is a different life – one I wasnt aware of.

Helpline: 0300 123 1110.

” In recovery we recover one day at a time. We do together what we could not do alone.”.

She is now an individual fitness instructor and said: “What better method to provide back to people by assisting them physically and mentally”.

Zoe is now enthusiastic about helping other individuals and has opened her own healing studio and fitness centre.

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