Netflix users warned their account will be deleted if they are tricked by new scam – Express

The scam e-mail looks very genuine and it could end up with hackers getting access to your savings account so be careful and reconsider before turning over any individual details.
Its worth remembering that Netflix will never call you via e-mail or text message to request any kind of banking details or passwords.
In a post of its site, Netflix states: “We will never ever ask you to enter your personal info in a text or email. This includes credit or debit card numbers, checking account details, Netflix passwords.
” We will never request payment through a 3rd party vendor or website.
” If the text or e-mail links to a URL that you dont acknowledge, do not tap or click it. If you did currently, do not get in any information on the site that opened.
” Scammers cant get info from you unless you provide it to them. Dont click any links in the messages or respond to them.”

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