Ninja Theorys upcoming game takes place in an absurdly photorealistic apartment – PC Gamer

( Image credit: Ninja Theory) The resulting level of detail is outstanding, all the way to procedurally scattered lint on the hardwoods. (Seriously y all, mop your floors.) Ninja Theory is well understood as the developer of viking-based psychological horror video game Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice and the much-anticipated Senuas Saga: Hellblade 2. The first game was hailed as a remarkable and stunning depiction of mental disorder and grief within a video game..
Job: Mara intends to be a more grounded and realistic depiction of the hellscape inside your degenerate head. “Based on genuine lived experience accounts and thorough research, our aim is to recreate the scaries of the mind as properly and reasonably as possible,” Ninja Theory commercial director Dom Matthews wrote for the Project: Mara expose..

Much of that time was invested diligently and thoroughly developing a physical area as a digital area: One relatively large city apartment. Theyve taken severe procedures to create it.

( Image credit: Ninja Theory)” Theres this type of a shift going on within Ninja Theory in the way we create art,” states Chief Creative Tameem Antoniades in a video about the effort. “Artists are not there to simply produce an item, theyre there to produce systems that can produce that object and limitless variations of that item.”.
Its a really impressive-looking accomplishment from the video, though how well that achievement translates onto the video gaming hardware you and I own remains to be seen. Still:.

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