Sonys Secret San Diego Team Working on Existing Franchises – Push Square

The studios continued existence was called into concern late last year as a number of high profile names announced their departure, but that speculation was quickly marked out by former senior video game designer John Bautista. At the time, he said his exit was due to “personal circumstances” and “the studio is still there and the task is still continuous”, as far as he knows. Lets hope an official statement of the video game occurs this year.

As per the LinkedIn profile of former studio boss Michael Mumbauer, Sonys not so top secret San Diego studio is presently expanding “upon existing franchises”. The task is said to be a AAA action-adventure game that makes use of proprietary engine technology.
After the events of Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End, there are a number of various routes the San Diego group might take. The user is able to tag videos to their profile, and the previous manager in concern has actually done so for a YouTube clip including franchise speculation.

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