Subnautica: Below Zero Gets An ESRB Rating, Possibly Hinting At Release Date Soon – Nintendo Life

Weve known about Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero pertaining to Switch for a while, considering that they were announced on a Nintendo Direct last year. With an unclear release window of “Early 2021” on the main Nintendo site, and no brand-new details from Unknown Worlds, the studio behind the game, we were left wondering when it would show up.
Eagle-eyed fans (or should that be shark-eyed fans?) on the Nintendo Switch subreddit have noticed that the ESRB just published its score for Subnautica: Below Zero, hinting at a possible release date quickly. The video game is still in Early Access on Steam, however this rating probably indicates that its finished, given that the designers would probably need to send out the complete game over.
In case youre curious, here is the ESRBs description of all the scary/gory/rude stuff in the video game:

This is an experience video game in which gamers assume the role of an explorer (Robin Ayou) on a strange world.
From a first-person viewpoint, players search for hints about a member of the family, craft tools, build habitats, and safeguard themselves versus predatory alien creatures.

Little animals might assault gamers if provoked; bigger creatures can strike or bite gamers, causing Robin to sob out in pain.
When struck, a mechanical suit with tools enables players to get enemies and disable them; aliens in some cases emit splatters of yellow liquid. The words “damn” and “hell” appear in the discussion.

Are you thrilled about playing Subnautica on Switch? Do you think itll run well? Chat to us in the remarks below (absolutely no).

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