The Assassins Creed Valhalla Quests that Most Players Dont Know Exist are Finally Being Fixed – Push Square

With any luck, avenge missions will finally be working as meant in the near future, adding a bit more spice to Eivors experience. Dare we ask if youve ever come throughout the body of another player? Sate your thirst for revenge in the comments area below.

Did you understand that theres a specific kind of vibrant quest in Assassins Creed Valhalla that the large majority of gamers will probably never ever see? Theyre called Avenge quests, and theyre activated when Eivor stumbles upon the dead body of a fellow Viking visible world.
These bodies represent other Valhalla players who were eliminated in their own video game by a neighboring enemy. After checking the remains, youre charged with searching down said opponent, and when theyre dead, you get some small benefits like xp and silver. Those of you who played Assassins Creed Origins might remember that title featured these exact same online missions.
Once again, the issue here is that these missions of revenge are very unusual in Valhalla, to the point where players have been questioning whether theyve just been entirely pestered considering that launch. And as it turns out, they are. The advancement group has when again upgraded its official list of recognized problems with the video game, and “avenge quests are no place to be discovered” is now under investigation.

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