Toyota has built an autonomous Supra drift car – Top Gear

When its up and running, the system will be another tool in the automotive industrys ever-expanding armoury of driver-assistance systems.

A vehicle that can catch a slide with little to no human intervention would help when motorists “require to make manoeuvres that are beyond their abilities” in order to avoid a crash. In this case, catching a slide caused by, for example, a driver taking evasive action, their own over-exuberance or bad roadway conditions.

Stanfords Professor Chris Gerdes says because 2008 his group has actually “taken motivation from human race car drivers in developing algorithms that allow automatic automobiles to manage the most challenging emergencies”. To that end, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has invested its knowledge to the job in the type of “valuable technical and experiential know-how in motorsports and wandering”.

The TRI points out that “while most crashes take place in ordinary circumstances, in other scenarios drivers may require to make manoeuvres that take their automobile close to and, at times, exceed regular limitations of handling”.

The task is based upon a paper released by Stanford University called “Opening New Dimensions: Vehicle Motion Planning and Control using Brakes while Drifting”. The universitys scientists utilized a customized Delorean to reveal a “proof-of-concept architecture efficient in controlling a rear-wheel drive vehicle in a drift using brakes, steering and propulsion”.

Invite to the best thing youll see this week. A Toyota Supra that can quite literally drift itself. The model, constructed by engineers from the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) and Stanford Universitys Dynamic Design Lab, is expected to help the carmaker “establish advanced control algorithms that amplify human driving capabilities and keep individuals safe”.

See the video here.

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