10 Video Game Signs You HAD To Ignore – WhatCulture

If these video games were a reality, the response would really clearly be no-one. However we as players frequently require all the help we can get, so surely any in-game text we come across is a help to us, right? Well …
There are times when reading something in a computer game – be it a text log, a poster, and even just a scribble on the wall – can change our perception of the whole experience. In other cases, this writing seems to be there purely to either poke enjoyable at you, captivate you to the point of doing the opposite, or make you roll your eyes and state, “yes, yes, get on with it.”
The majority of gamers are most likely going to barge past 9 out of every 10 in-game indications anyway. But even the most callous of completionists among us will be forced to ignore these specific ones.

When youre slashing through hordes of zombies, soaring throughout gorgeous fantasy landscapes or navigating a perilous maze, who has time to take in a measly old sign?

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