Cher Lloyd still doesnt speak to Cheryl and struggled to shrug off most hated teen image – Daily Record

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Despite the fact that it was clear that Chers skills were limitless, her time on the show was overshadowed by alleged temper tantrums that saw her branded the most hated teen in Britain – a harsh label that would take her a decade to bid farewell to.

When she stepped out on to the X Factor stage and introduced herself prior to carrying out one of the most memorable auditions of all time, Cher Lloyd was simply 16-years-old.

The general public first switched on the teen when Cheryl controversially put her though the Boot Camp stage to the detriment of favourite Gamu Nhengu.

” I needed to do harm control. And still, at 26 years old, I need to do harm control. Years later on, I do have some anger towards individuals for doing that to me.”.

Cher is a doting mum to daughter Delilah-Rae.
( Image: Instagram).

Cher rapidly back-tracked, admitting on ITVs daybreak that she shouldnt have actually entered on the Geordie star.

Her 2nd US single Oath only reached number 73 and in 2014 she split with her American label Epic in the middle of claims she was unhappy about the delays with her 2nd album, Sorry Im Late.

” I had a little bit of a disaster earlier in the week,” she told X magazine at the time, “But I simply couldnt go on stage in something I felt uncomfortable in..

Judge Louis Walsh branded Cher, now 27, “too big for her boots” and she was even cruelly booed off the phase at V Festival.

” I was a beast! Everyone hated me,” Cher confessed to Fabulous magazine in 2012.

Rumours of backstage strops began to fly, and Cher was forced to perform in Cheryls heels after she admitted having an impressive disaster over her X Factor attire.

Nowadays, Cher is a completely different person – a lot so that she refuses to carry out Swagger Jagger due to the fact that it reminds her of her “angry, scared” self.

She added:” [Being young] is not a reason, I ought to still be on top of it. Im in the general public eye now, so word vomit is bad!”.

And in terms of where shes at with Cheryl – the former friends did exchange well wants upon their particular marriages and in 2016, Cher informed Loose Women they d buried the hatchet ages ago.

Ive released 2 albums and Ive got a top 10 hit in America. Im not the most hated teenager, Im 26 years old!

” Thats one of the hardest things for me to deal with because thats my past and youve sort of got to take a look at it as a big learning experience. Its actually like taking your trousers down and doing a p ** s in front of the world.”.

Cher Lloyd impressed the X Factor judges with her swagger
( Image: Roland Leon/Sunday Mirror).

” I was young and silly. Part of me was attempting to show I was strong enough to do it, and then I believe all of it got too much for me.

She stated: “I got wed when I was 20, you know when you mature and imagine that fairy tale naturally weve had our ups and downs, but truthful it is like a fairy tale with me and him.

” I was upset with the method I was being modified and because of that I turned into this horrible person, with a dreadful attitude.”.

On the other hand, she d fulfilled and fallen in love with London hair stylist Craig Monk, who she married in a secret event in November 2013 aged simply 20 and after less than a year of dating.

” We lived [in Los Angeles] for a while, that was like a dream, thankfully we discussed I had one suitcase and I believed I was just going for a bit of promo, and we ended up staying there about three or 4 years.”.

And asked if she d do a duet with Cheryl, she then made a barb about the Girls Aloud star utilizing autotune and challenged her coach to sing cope with her.

Shes now wishing for a 2nd stab at success and her singles None of My Business and M.I.A were positively gotten.

” Looking back I can see why individuals thought I was a nightmare and Im completely ashamed,” she informed the Guardian.

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Needless to say, Cheryl was raving and tweeted: “Be Careful who you kick on your way up. They kick you twice as hard on your way back down. #unappreciationisugly.”.

After moving back to the UK, they lived an easy life, renovating a home in Essex to offer on and inviting daughter Delilah-Rae in May 2018.

Cher has actually been married to Craig Monk considering that 2013.
( Image: Instagram).

Cheryl and Cher formed a close bond, but it all went awry as soon as Cher graduated from the show.
( Image: PA).

Cheryl Tweedy famously told the teenager “You are best up my street”, kicking off a mentorship that started with a strong friendship but ended in a very public slanging match.

The confident and sassy schoolgirl from Malvern, Worcestershire offered a fierce efficiency of Soulja Boys Turn My Swag On and won the judges over.

” I didnt have her mobile number to start with. Ive got more chance of winning the lottery than capturing up with her,” Cher said on the release of her hit single, Swagger Jagger.

Cher then transferred to the States in 2012 and accomplished a number 12 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with Want You Back.

And appearing on Loose Women in 2019, she gushed about their picturesque relationship.

Things just got worse when she was gotten rid of in the very first round of the finals and went on to accuse Cheryl of abandoning her.

Nevertheless, that doesnt suggest theyre back to being the inseparable set they once were, with Cher admitting they are not in touch with each other.

When it comes to her track record, Cher says that is something shes attempting to take ownership of and work previous.

” I just wish to state sorry to her if she discovered that offensive. At the end of the day, she is the person who got me to where I am today,” Cher said, eating a hearty helping of humble pie.

” I havent heard from her in a long time, shes so hectic with the baby. Shes got baby!” she told ITVs Lorraine, referring to Cheryls three-year-old kid Bear.

Needless to say, Cheryl was raging and tweeted: “Be Careful who you kick on your way up. Ive launched 2 albums and Ive got a top 10 hit in America. Im not the most resented teen, Im 26 years old! And still, at 26 years old, I have to do harm control.” I have not heard from her in a long time, shes so hectic with the child.

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