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The Google Play Store has plenty of methods for discovering intriguing new material to consume and set up. Not just is there a Top Charts section, but for Chromebook owners, theres even a Premium classification to reveal you which games work well on your device. There are likewise numerous filters across the store which will help you extract the most value based upon your particular desires.

Now, if you open the Google Play Store on your Chromebook, you might observe that some of the apps on the Top Charts section now have little signs revealing which apps are trending up or down in popularity. This simply lends more to the fact that Google is considering how to increase install numbers and provide a spotlight to apps that deserve it. Its a small modification, for sure, but a great one, however.

See whats trending up or down

Certainly, something like Red Imposter is trending because Among Us recently blew up in popularity, but it does little to assist users make an informed decision. Games developed to imitate others are frequently kind of awful and are just thrown on the shop to make a fast buck. I suppose the best way to utilize this new tool is to pair it with reviews, and Red Imposters reviews are, shall we state, not generous.

All of this to say that while its excellent to see Google including new tools to help you pick, simply be smart and take things as an entire and not only in part. The Google Play Store has lots of apps and games that are not looking out for their users and have little to offer, and the fact that its trending, if its one of the abovementioned apps, only means that lots of people have actually been tricked into believing that its a quality experience.

There is no method of seeing the particular statistics of the apps that are trending up or down, and such an addition would be welcome. Its great to have icons showing that more individuals are setting up a particular video game, for instance, however that definitely does not indicate that the game in concern is “great”.

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