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( AP)” When I spoke to them for the first time, the main reason that they desired to share their story was that they feel grateful towards all the individuals on the case.

The Investigation begins on BBC2 at 9pm on Friday.

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At his subsequent trial in April 2018, which grabbed headlines all over the world, Madsen was condemned on all three charges and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Made with the full cooperation of Walls moms and dads, Ingrid and Joachim Wall, in addition to Møller and Buch-Jepsen, The Investigation is developed by Tobias Lindholm, the writer-director behind the acclaimed Danish political drama, Borgen, and the Oscar-nominated photo, A War.
Pilou Asbæk, who played Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, depicts Buch-Jepsen. He points out that The Investigation is “about individuals doing their task actually well– which is remarkable for us to see in this year.
Søren Malling plays Jens Møller
( BBC/ misofilm & & overview film) At a time when numerous governments all over the world are beleaguered by chaos and drowning in lies, The Investigation is a story about a system that in fact operates well and where the truth matters.

” Jens is trying to find justice in any method he can,” Møller continues. “And it could be for you, it could be for me, it could be for anyone. He ought to be our hero. I hope that individuals will see that and understand that we have heroes around us. We need to honour them in such a way that we are not utilized to. Honour is in fact a keyword for this series. We honour these individuals who fix the case.”.
The makers wished to highlight what Kim Wall accomplished.
He had individuals to do that, and then he analysed the responses and figured out what to do from there. That provided me the possibility to do the story in a different way, without showing the murderer or even talking about him.
” As media consumers, we are all extremely concentrated on psychology and backstories and why this took place. When I did Mindhunter with David Fincher, we were obsessed with these beasts and what they are made of.

Lindholm remembers that when he first heard the details of the case at a meeting with Møller, he saw that, “It was a story about people who worked completely difficult to solve this case. It was story about Swedish dogs that might sniff dead people underwater.

Unable to get his story straight, Madsen then admitted to dismembering Walls body. Lindholm recollects that when he initially heard the details of the case at a conference with Møller, he saw that, “It was a story about people who worked completely tough to fix this case. It was story about Swedish pet dogs that could sniff dead people underwater.

Seeing the completed series should have been extremely difficult for the real-life Ingrid and Joachim. Lindholm exposes that, “It was a big obstacle for everybody. Ingrid and Joachim were extremely moved and humbled by Pernilla and Rolfs efficiencies.

The details of this deeply troubling case bear repetition. The submarine sank at 11am on 11 August, and Madsen was saved at sea. Eleven days after Wall had actually boarded the Nautilus, parts of her mutilated body began to emerge in Køge Bay, south of Copenhagen. Authorities scuba divers discovered more over the coming months. Madsen was charged with murder, indecent handling of a remains, and sexual attack.

I didnt see that when I fulfilled Ingrid and Joachim. I saw a lionesss will to live, a lionesss power to keep her family together, and I wanted to represent that.”.
The makers of The Investigation likewise wished to highlight what Kim Wall achieved. According to August, “Ingrid and Joachim were so excited for the story to be informed in this way, because it had previously been told with a lot darkness. It had remained in the headlines all over.”.
Kim, who is not represented in the drama, was an extremely accomplished reporter. A graduate of both the London School of Economics and Columbia University, she was a talented reporter who contributed to a variety of publications, consisting of The Guardian, The New York Times, Vice, Slate, and Time.
In March 2016, she won the Hansel Mieth Prize for Best Digital Reportage from the German journalistic association Zeitenspiegel, for a multi-media report on climate change and nuclear weapons testing in the Marshall Islands.

Joachim and Ingrid Wall, parents of Kim.
( Rex)” We have to keep in mind that Kim was their daughter,” says Lindholm, “and it was so essential for them to inform her life story and reveal the lightness of what she had actually been doing as a reporter. There is a lot power in that.”.

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” Jens wasnt– he was obsessed with facts. So he fixed this whole case without conference or speaking with the wrongdoer. I understood I could absolutely do a series about this truly interesting examination without requiring to fulfill the killer. I felt that both the crime itself and the wrongdoer had actually been more than well covered in the media currently.
” The least essential or fascinating person in this is the perpetrator. My obsession was all these heroes of the investigation. In a story about heroes and strength, I didnt think there belonged for the wrongdoer to play.”.
It was likewise crucial for Lindholm that he had input from Walls parents. “There was no story without them.
Peter Madsen– who was not portrayed in the film– with among his submarines.
( AP)” When I spoke to them for the first time, the main factor that they wanted to share their story was that they feel grateful towards all the individuals on the case. And thats an incredibly important story for them.”.

At 7pm on Thursday 10 August 2017, on the island of Refshaleøen in Copenhagen harbour, Swedish freelance journalist Kim Wall boarded the home-made midget submarine UC3 Nautilus. It was just six days before she was because of start a new life in Beijing with her boyfriend, and the 30-year-old was meaning to spend 2 hours on the vessel interviewing its Danish innovator Peter Madsen. She was never seen alive once again.

That astonishingly precise process is now the topic of The Investigation, a compelling six-part Swedish-Danish drama, which starts on BBC Two on Friday.

The Investigation looks set to become the most recent in a long line of Scandi dramas that have actually caught the general public imagination in the UK. Lindholm thinks about why we are so drawn to them. “You like them for the very same factor that I love British football: it offers strength and sincerity. There is a sincerity in the British way of playing football, and I do believe there is a specific honesty in Scandi drama.
” We do not try to be something we are not. We are playing the video game the method we are told to, as they performed in British football before the Premier League ended up being such a huge organization!”.

Not able to get his story straight, Madsen then admitted to dismembering Walls body. Nevertheless, he claimed that it was not his intention to kill her, suggesting that she died after inhaling dangerous exhaust in the submarine while he was up top. The post-mortem discovered no indication of exhaust gases in her lungs.

He said initially that he had actually dropped Wall off on land. He then claimed that she had actually died on board in an accident when he inadvertently dropped the submarine hatch on her head and that he had actually buried her at sea because that was the maritime custom.

Is the idea that we are much better together something that Brexiteers in the UK could learn from? “Yes,” Lindholm exclaims.
” But now all of a sudden youre leaving us. I feel like a left-behind kid. So please come back. We miss you already in Europe!”.
Should I send The Investigation to Boris Johnson, then?
” Yes. If you have his e-mail address, I would like you to send it to him.”.

Lindholm, who likewise wrote and directed a number of episodes of David Finchers well-known Netflix criminal offense series Mindhunter, includes that, “What I hope the audience can take away from this is a tip of the duty we have to be part of society. We need to play our part.
Rolf Lassgård and Pernilla August play Kim Walls parents
( BBC/ misofilm & & outline film/ Per Arnesen)” Unfortunately, I dont think the majority of people follow that at the moment. This for me was an example of a system that worked, and I found that inspiring because we seem not to tell each other those stories. We are continuously advising ourselves of chaos instead of informing ourselves remarkable stories about the opposite.”.
The Investigation is intentionally un-glamorised. No, its simply about normal individuals using t-shirts in an extremely boring workplace.
These individuals do a very decent job. And sometimes you need to inform these kinds of stories to open individualss mind to the reality that this is actually taking location in our society.”.

Thankfully, luckily, we share our lives now. I look forward to the other side of this where we can in fact go and have a coffee without needing to talk about this TV program.
For all the level of sensitivities and difficulties involved, Lindholm is very delighted to have had the opportunity to inform this story. “It is a pointer of the strength that human beings consist of. Ingrid is the sort of lioness that you most likely will never satisfy once again. She absolutely should have a story informed about her, and the audience should have to see it and hopefully be inspired by it.”.
August also hopes that we might discover motivation in the final speech that Ingrid gives up The Investigation. “It states, Go towards the light, search for the light, dont go into the darkness. Its really simple, however its so beautiful.”.

” It was all these things that advised me of a system that works if individuals stick. It showed that when first responders do their task, it brings order out of the mayhem in the world where you and I live. That really influenced me.”

The resolutely downbeat drama highlights the relentless graft involved in the questions. It tracks the devoted team examining the criminal activity in grey police workplaces under grey skies and in grey seas.

In approaching the role of Møller, Malling took his obligations similarly seriously. “In the script, Jens enjoys going searching ducks with dogs. I didnt have a searching licence before we started.
It was in fact me shooting three ducks in a row in a forest close to Copenhagen. Jens and I became buddies, and now we go searching together.”.

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His conviction was the result of an admirably painstaking examination led by Jens Møller, the head of homicide for the Copenhagen Police, and the prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen.

And in some cases you require to tell these kinds of stories to open peoples mind to the fact that this is actually taking place in our society.”.

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