How to listen to YouTube with the screen off

You can fool a third-party internet browser into playing YouTube in the background by means of the nerve center on iOS./ © NextPit.

Use your internet browser to play YouTube videos with the screen off/ © NextPit.

If playing YouTube videos off an internet browser does not interest you, there are couple of more techniques to tackle it..

The 2nd way in which you can listen to YouTube with your screen off is to install an app called NewPipe. Now, downloading this app is not an uncomplicated procedure as it is not readily available through the Google Play Store.
To install NewPipe, youll require to examine the alternative app store, F-Droid. In case you are worried about this, do note that F-Droid has been around for a while now and is commonly known to be a safe location to download Android apps..
To download NewPipe, go to the following link to and search for NewPipe and download the Newpipe APK file. Follow the on-screen guidelines to set up the app.
Do note that your internet browser might block you from installing Newpipe since it wasnt downloaded through the Play Store and most likely, you will get a message that checks out: “For your security, your phone is not enabled to install unidentified apps from this source.”.
If you see this message, go to the “Settings” option simply beneath this message and toggle the “Allow from this source” option to on and continue with the setup.

Dive to:.

Install and download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser on your phone ( your gadget most likely currently has Chrome, but the Firefox link can be discovered below).
Go to the YouTube site within the web browser, tap the settings (3 dots) button on top right of the page and tick desktop website..
As soon as you have finished the actions above, tap on a video to play it, and it will continue to play even after you lock your phone..
Note that the first time you lock the screen, the music playback will stop. You will now be able to see playback control buttons on your lock screen.
All you need to do now is struck the Play” button and begin listening to YouTube with the screen off.

Once installed, search for the YouTube video you desire to playback, and you will be able to attain your goal. As discussed earlier, NewTube isnt perfect, and I have actually had circumstances where the app there a mistake message and just wont work..

NewPipes background playback setting continues with the screen off./ © NextPit.

The 2nd method in which you can listen to YouTube with your screen off is to install an app called NewPipe. As soon as installed, just search for a video that you want to play with the screen off and then hit Play

To view YouTube with the screen off without paying any cash, or without setting up any app, you can simply use a free web internet browser app like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This technique must deal with all devices.

If you are utilizing an Apple iPhone running iOS, the process is a little bit different. You will have to desert your default Safari internet browser first and download an option.

Firefox for Android Beta.

One option that doesnt involve straying from the Play Store is FloatTube. You can go to the Google Play Store, search for Float Tube and set up the app. Once set up, simply look for a video that you desire to have fun with the screen off and then struck Play

Download an alternative internet browser for your iPhone, such as Opera or Dolphin.
Open the mobile version of YouTube once you are into your new browser.
Now look for the video you want to play in the web browser. Its important to remain in the mobile variation of YouTube here.
As soon as the video is playing, opening another app or locking your screen will cause the video to stop. Thats when the trickery comes in. Swipe to the music player and press use the audio controls.
Now, the video will continue to play even if you change apps and lock the screen.

If you do not mind paying a small and wish to prevent these obstacles, you can register for the new YouTube Premium ( previously Red) membership service. It provides offline and background access to material together with an ad-free YouTube experience.

If you know of any other methods to listen to YouTube with the screen off, let us know in the comments.
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Weve outlined the very best approaches listed below..
Theres no setting to resolve this problem in the default YouTube app but do keep in mind that YouTube does provide the alternative to listen to videos with the screen off if you register for YouTube premium. However then, why spend for something when we can achieve the exact same outcomes for free?.

Setting up NewPipe app from F Droid. Do note that the app could be buggy on some phones/ © NextPit.

Want to listen to YouTube with the screen off? Well, it is a challenging thing to attain because as soon as your screen changes off, YouTube instantly stops briefly whatever is playing. What if I tell you that there are still a couple of methods you can play YouTube in the background with the screen off?

Once set up, open NewPipe and search for your tune using the search bar at the top.

Well, it is a tricky thing to attain since as soon as your screen switches off, YouTube automatically stops briefly whatever is playing. What if I tell you that there are still a couple of ways you can play YouTube in the background with the screen off?

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