McDonald’s worker reveals drive-thru secrets as staff take PHOTOS of customers when they order – The Sun

As it turns out, McDonalds staff can see EXACTLY what youre doing at all times and even take a breeze of you when you order.

WERE all guilty of thinking were rather concealed from the outdoors world while sitting in the comfort of our vehicle – particularly when zipping through the drive-thru at our preferred junk food restaurant.


A McDonalds worker has actually reveled how the drive-thru truly worksCredit: Alamy

” I get asked this all the time,” she captioned her now viral post, that has accumulated more than five million views.

In a clip, TikTok user Katie Clarke who operates at the popular burger chain, explains the McDonalds drive-thru window has cameras installed and personnel really take a picture of everyone as they approach.

The foolproof procedure enables speedy orders and helps personnel to track multiple orders with ease.

In the video footage, Katie can be seen in her work uniform and offers a glimpse of the camera during her shift.


TikTok user Katie filmed the sure-fire process while working Credit: @katieeclarkee/ TikTok.


” So maybe do not pick your nose when you order …,” she jokes. “Because we see it and we evaluate you.”.

She discusses: “There is a video camera and it takes an image of you and your cars and truck.

She confessed an electronic camera takes a photo of every automobile when an order is madeCredit: @katieeclarkee/ TikTok.

It didnt take long for individuals to talk about her video, with numerous stunned by the revelation.

” I believed they simply had insane memory,” one TikTok user admitted.


While a fourth included: “They can see me all this time Ive been entering my PJs and dressing dress, oh god.”.

The chauffeur is normally seen in the picture as well, and the process permits employees to keep track of several ordersCredit: @katieeclarkee/ TikTok.

” I always wondered this with ones with two lanes (that combine into one, never ever understood the point of them,” a 3rd person stated.

Other McDonalds staff also chimed in exposing they apparently “hear” everything from the moment a clients car activates the sensing unit.

When to put their headset on preparation to take the order, this is really what allows them to understand.

And another composed: “Im shook (sic), oh my god”.


She joked that you should not do anything you dont desire seen as staff can see youCredit: @katieeclarkee/ TikTok.

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Some joked that in spite of there being cams, personnel “still handle to get orders incorrect”.

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” In truth we hear whatever you state the minute youre at the speaker,” a staffer said.

McDonalds workers expose what all the secret buttons indicate on the beverages lids.

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But another staffer chimed in to state the store he operates at is “not that advanced”, instead stating they “simply need to figure it out.”.

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Its unidentified if all McDonalds shops have the same process and Fabulous has actually reached out to McDonalds for remark.

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” And y all still provided my order to the car in front,” someone composed.

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