Microsoft Flight Simulator dev hasnt ruled out an Xbox One port – TrueAchievements

When asked about Microsoft Flight Simulator and the older Xbox console, Neumann told Eurogamer, “Obviously memory matters. On Ultra settings, you need a big PC – well, thats a lot, lot more memory than what you had on an Xbox One. So its a journey, like a lot of things, you understand – lets get the Xbox Series X and S variations done, and then well look ahead after that. We never ever close doors, and there are other choices, though its a bit too early to speak about it.” Eurogamer theorizes that an xCloud version of Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox One could be the method to go, with xCloud servers doing all the heavy lifting and streaming the sim to less-powerful consoles. S version of the flight simulator will be a “very comparable” experience however not the precise very same.
Microsoft Flight Simulator lands on Xbox Series X|S this summer.

Back in December, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator would be introducing for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S later this year with no reference of the simulator coming to Xbox One. Now, Asbo Studios Jorg Neumann has actually revealed that an Xbox One version may still be on the cards.

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